Co-Hosting Daytime Ottawa

Today I played co-host on Daytime Ottawa alongside Derick Fage, and it was a blast. We talked about all sorts of things, like if we'd go to Mars or not. (Um, no.) I even gave Derick some tips on dancing because he's going be one of the celebrities on next year's DWTS for Easter Seals.

The thing I love best about Daytime is that it's an entire hour focusing on local talent, and it's a great way to learn more about the things that are going on in this awesome city we live in.

I always love being on the show, but co-hosting is a whole other level of fun! (Can't wait to come back, Derick... hint, hint.)

I even had the chance to make healthy brownies! I look a bit sad in this picture, though. It's just my baking face, which is similar to my "math" face. (The face of confusion!)

And this is my look of surprise once I found out what a "cookbook" is actually used for. Just kidding, you guys. I know what they're for... I just don't often use them!

Here's a small clip from today's show.

Thanks for watching!

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This Mom said...

That looks like so much fun - and what a fantastic opportunity! I hope you get another chance to co-host soon. (P.S. I'm with you on the cookbook!)

Japolina said...

Congrats! you look great!

Angella said...

You are the cutest. :)