Self(ie) Control

Best friends know your deepest secrets, and they never judge. Conversations with best friends last into the early morning hours, and the laughs never stop.  I love my best friend because she knows me more than anyone else, and vice versa.

Best friends are also brutally honest with one another. Kind of like sisters.

Last year my best friend and I got in my car to go out, and I took out my iPhone to take a selfie.

"Lou," my best friend Suzanne said to me. "Don't do it. You take too many selfies! You don't need to. You're beautiful. Put the phone down." 

Me: Silence. Blink. Blink.  "Um, Suzanne? I do NOT take a lot of selfies! I hardly ever take selfies!" 

Suzanne: "Give me your phone. Okay, here's a selfie. And another one. And this one. And here. And here's a selfie of your face with the caption "Having a great day at the beach!" You can't even see the beach. You take too many selfies, babe." 

Me: "Oh, my God. I cannot believe this! I DO take too many selfies! I hate myself! I am so ashamed! I promise from now on, I will take fewer selfies! God, I'm awful. Okay, I'm totally stopping. Just after this one, because my hair looks good right now." 

As the days and weeks and months went by, I did my best to take a lot less selfies. Although I still take some, I don't do it very often. Here's proof:

On Instragram, out of 10 pictures, only one is a selfie. Not bad, huh?

And now if I ever question posting a selfie online, I turn to my sister or best friend for advice.

Like today, when I texted my sister:

So I took her advice and didn't post the picture I wanted to. I put a picture of her and I from about eight years ago. A picture that was taken before selfies even existed.

It's all about self(ie) control, you guys.

Oh, and I found the perfect gift for my best friend, too. She loves it!

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alimartell said...

self(ie) control is my new favorite phrase. Heh.

This post made me laugh and laugh and laugh. You do take tons of selfies...but it's part of what I love about you.

Suzanne said...

AHHHH!!!! This was the BEST! The first step is admitting you have a problem. Good for you, Lou! xoxoxoxo

Sandy said...

Ahahahahaha! I love it. That is an amazing top. I hope you really are buying it for her.

Sara Dana said...

I rarely do selfies because I am so very critical of any pics of myself- I wish I wanted to do more! Now go shopping and buy that top (and totally get a selfie in it)

Jennifer said...

I love this. Last Christmas, to test out our new Apple TV, I had all the photos I'd taken over the year playing in the background over the holidays. My sisters accused me of taking way too many selfies, and invented a drinking game where everyone took a shot each time a selfie came up. Sadly by the end of the evening we were all drunk.

That said, I love most selfies...including yours, Loukia!

Jen Wilson said...

Hahaha! Oh man. I love you with or without self(ie) control. ;)

Avitable said...

That's a good phrase.

I have no issues with selfies, but that's because I take them constantly. Usually naked.

But I don't have someone to tell me to stop!

writewrds said...

Too funny.
You look gorgeous in every single last one of them.

Crystal McLeod said...

OMG, I loved this post! Love the tshirt and the phrase - something many should remind themselves Self(ie) Control!

jodifur said...

No one likes selfies is my new favorite phrase ever.

Nenette AM said...

Repeat after me: There is no such thing as too many selfies! :)

Marta said...

HA. I LOVED THIS. Yes, selfies can be an addiction. I definitely have a few selfie addicts in my instagram feed!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

This is so funny! I loved it! I do not take selfies. I don't think I've figured out how to hold my phone where I don't look like I have a turkey wattle. Surely, I don't have one in real life???

Nicole said...

I like selfies, I like seeing them (although I suck at taking them myself)

Angella said...

You are the Queen of Selfies, and I think it's awesome. You look amazing every. single. time.


Anonymous said...

Ha! If I didn't take selfies, I would have no pictures of myself, so that's my excuse. Also, must have that shirt!

Louise said...

Jennifer's comment ^^^ about using her Apple TV to play the selfie drinking game = sheer brilliance. I'm pretty sure my husband would love that game. He tells me to stop the selfies and I do NOT take that I?!?

NRJ-Maid said...

Much joy and family time is what I want everyone's holiday season christmas

sharon said...

Best t-shirt ever!!!!!!