Saving With AIR MILES During The Holidays

I'm a card girl. 

By this I mean I hardly ever leave the house with cash, because shopping is more fun when I don't see how much I'm actually spending! I'm also a huge fan of AIR MILES, because I can whip out my little blue card at many of my favourite stores knowing I'll be getting something back. I use my AIR MILES Collector card when I'm shopping online at, too, which is a total bonus during the holidays. Also? I just redeemed for my plane ticket to south Florida for my winter family vacation with my AIR MILES reward miles. The entire flight! Merry Christmas to me...

Up until December 24th, AIR MILES is giving you even more reason to love them. When you're busy shopping for the holidays—whether it's for food to entertain your guests, presents for your children and loved ones, or even new ornaments for the tree—you will be earning even more with AIR MILES—you'll receive 25 Bonus reward miles for every AIR MILES Cash redemption you make each day, per sponsor. I love when the purchases I'm already making end up being rewarding for me, too. 

Air Miles Cash gives collectors flexibility to choose how their AIR MILES reward miles are earned and redeemed by signing up for AIR MILES Cash, and setting a preference. Once set, future earned AIR MILES reward miles will be allocated into either AIR MILES Cash or AIR MILES Dream balance, or a combination of both (the choice is yours!). Reward miles collected in your AIR MILES Cash balance allow for instant redemption in-store at participating Sponsor locations across the country. Collectors can visit air to activate their AIR MIILES Cash balance and start earning. (95 AIR MILES reward miles = $10 off in-store.) 

To find a Sponsor near you, visit for details. 

Happy shopping... and enjoy all the wonderful things you'll be able to get back simply  by using your AIR MILESCollector card this holiday season!

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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Mark said...

I always get so excited when I use 95 points for $10 at Metro. I play a game in my head picking which of my groceries I have "stolen". Huh, it entertains me while in line waiting. ;)

Raphael said...

I have several cards to earn points but I never had the time nor the inclination to understand what is useful, it's just marketing quotas to encourage more consumption