Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I'm officially freezing, and I'll be freezing until about... oh, May. I don't do well with winter, you guys. I know I've pretty much lived here my entire life, so at this point, I should basically embrace the cold, dark, dreary, miserable, icy long months of winter, (tell us how you really feel, Loukia!) but I just... cannot. I love summer way too much. Little dresses. Flip flops. Cute wedge heels. Bikinis. BBQ's and pool parties and never-ending sunshine and tanned skin and sand and swimming and cold drinks and patios and and and... the list goes on and on.

Last year, Canada Goose basically saved me, because they thought it would be a great idea to give me one of their oh-so-toasty-warm coats to review and keep. Seriously. (Thank you times infinity, Canada Goose Inc!)

And I kid you not—this coat changed my life. I was no longer crying when I had to watch my children play after school with their friends in the snow.  I was able to stay outside in minus 35C temperatures without feeling like my face was going to fall off. I was able to... enjoy? winter. I know, it shocked me, too. Sure, when I'm out doing stuff in the winter like skating or skiing, I appreciate the pretty. Still, it's damn cold. Finally, last winter, thanks to Canada Goose, I made sense of what everyone had always been telling me: if you dress warmly,  you'll be able to hate winter a little less! 

And here we are again, back to the cold.

Here are some ways you can stay warm (and cute!) this season:

Canada Goose Anything: If you live in Canada, a Canada Goose coat will be the best investment of your life, especially since we have like 19 months of winter. I love this pink coat so much! Canada Goose also had a great selection of winter gear for kids, too, and the cutest and warmest hats ever.
Banana Republic Coat: I loved this coat so much I bought it before the weather was even cold outside. The little bow is so cute and I know I'll wear this coat on the days when it's not minus 30C outside. It's a great coat for evenings out, and for days you know you don't have to stay outside too long.

J. Crew Cocoon Coat: I love this coat because it reminds me of Mad Men. It is a little pricey, but so adorable, so that justifies the price, right?

I also stay warm on the ski hills in my Columbia jacket, too. Winter is all about having a variety of coats to wear, after all!

Next up: stylish boots, hats, and scarves that'll keep you toasty warm through these cold months.

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Nicole said...

I have Reynaud's which means I suffer very much in the cold. My hands are in pain from Oct-May, approximately. But this year I bought Canada Goose mittens and the difference! The difference is huge! I no longer want to break down and cry when I walk the dog.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I need a Canadian Goose jacket for Minnesota winters! I need a bodysuit maybe...!?