My Canadian Tuxedo (For World MasterCard Stylicity)

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My duties as a blogger for MasterCard Stylicity are not as easy as you may think. Sure, I have to check out the amazing deals going on online and in Toronto's hot shopping spots, like Yorkville, and do some shopping (I know, I know!) but I also have to style my own version of the Canadian Tuxedo. I love new challenges, so of course I accepted, but hmm… what exactly would MY Canadian Tuxedo be? I'm pretty girly. I love a great little black dress… and I can't say no to a gorgeous pair of stiletto's. The Canadian Tuxedo, in case you weren't sure, is usually a pair of blue jeans and a jean jacket. I love my jeans, but I think I'm going a bit fancier for this.

At first I thought I'd go with a little black dress with a twist, or a sexy pair of skinny jeans with a sparkly top, but then I fell in love with this red dress. It's  cute, sexy, and totally Canadian.

I'd love to do something fun with this dress, and pair it with this pair of heels… totally wild!

MasterCard would love to see your version of the Canadian Tuxedo. What do you think your Canadian Tuxedo would consist of? A sexy black pant suit? A jean skirt and jean shirt? A red dress? A form-fitted hockey jersey paired with a sexy jacket? Just tweet or Instagram a picture of yourself with the hashtag #Stylicity and you'll be entered to win a $2000 pre-paid MasterCard. Okay, that's a lot of shopping, no?

Get your creative juices flowing, and… go!

Disclaimer: As a MasterCard Stylicity blogger, I have been compensated for these posts. All views and opinions are my own. 
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