The List Of 37

Yesterday I spent the day thinking I was turning a year older than I really am. When I realized my mistake, (I am terrible when it come to math, obviously) I was relieved, and then I realized that I'm still over 35, so you know, whatever. Another year older... another birthday to celebrate!

In reality I'm beyond thankful for another year, and am feeling blessed. 37 is a great number, right? I still feel like I'm 26, most of the time. I sleep even less than most 20 year olds who go out all night long! (Remember those days? I miss those days, minus the evil hangovers.)

Looking back, I've got nothing but great memories. I wouldn't even trade the bad moments because they've shaped who I've become and they're part of my story. I miss certain aspects of the past, though, like high school, university and... everything in between and after. Nostalgic much?

Here are 37 of my favourite things:

1. My family. I love my family so much—husband, parents, sister, grandparents, cousins. We're a crazy, loving, loud bunch, and we see each other almost every day. We travel together, eat dinners together, and tolerate one another pretty well, too!

2. My children. The two best people in my universe... they're my entire life.

3. My best friends.

4. Getting into crisp, clean sheets after a shower late at night.

5. Pinot Grigio. Or a cold beer on a hot summer day, poolside.

6. The ocean. The waves. The sand. The beach beverages.

7. Beautiful resorts and hotels with amazing balcony views.

8. Shopping. Hours in my favourite store is one of my favourite ways to spend a day.

9. Airports. I love the craziness, I love the excitement, and I love to see people going somewhere.

10. Traveling. Even though I don't love flying, I like seeing new places. Aruba, California, England, Greece, Venezuela, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Florida, Maine, New York City, Washington D.C., Amsterdam... and so many more places I've loved visiting. On my bucket list of places I have to visit? Italy and France. So much to explore... so much more to see!

11. Countless hours in a book store.

12. A new book. I love to read, and I always have a book or two on the go. And it has to be a real book, too—real paper—no Kindle for me.

13. Blogging. And the people I've met. I truly love what I do, and I love the community, too.

14. My iphone. Definitely one of my favourite things.

15. My new MacBook Air! My ten year anniversary present. It's my new baby.

16. Long, long drives on an open road, with my music playing, and the windows rolled down.

17. Music. It moves me. 

18. Swimming.

19. Saks Fifth Avenue.

20. Movie popcorn.

21. Nordstrom.

22. My VW Jetta.

23. Christmas.

24. The smell of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion.

25. Fanta—but only the one from Europe, because it is totally better.

26. Long walks on a summer night with my family.

27. Swinging at the park with my boys.

28. Friends and nights of great conversation and laughter. And pizza.

29. A little blue box.

30. But maybe not as much as a brown box...

31. Going for a massage.

32. And a great blow-dry.

33. My children's laughter—and their silence when they're concentrating on something.

34. Great movies like Goodfellas, Casino, Godfather, The Usual Suspects, Dazed and Confused, Clueless, American Beauty—just a few of my favourites.

35. Great television shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Homeland, and Mad Men. Actually, these are the only shows I currently watch.

36. People who make me laugh, and people who are genuine. It's easy to see through people who are not.

37. Starbucks. I love my coffee.

All I really want for my 37th birthday is to turn more dreams into realities, spend as much time as possible with the people I love, and make this the year I focus on staying as healthy as I can. No excuses!  There's so much more to look forward to.
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alimartell said...

Happy, happy birthday Loukia. I hope today is amazing.

Avitable said...

Are you sure you're not 38 today? I thought you were MUCH older than me!

Happy birthday, Lou!

Angella said...

Happy Birthday, again, beautiful friend!