An exclusive sneak peek at the new Rideau Centre

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J.Crew. Victoria's Secret. Nordstrom. Three of my favourite stores. Three stores that as of yet, don't exist in Ottawa. But all that is changing, you guys. I'm so excited, you have no idea. Last night, I attended a preview reception at the Ottawa Convention Centre where some very exciting news was announced about Rideau Centre, my favourite Ottawa shopping centre. Before the big announcements were made, we were treated to yummy food and drinks, and had the chance to mingle with friends and colleagues.

Although I was only six years old when Rideau Centre opened in 1983, I have spent countless hours in this mall. (And I've spent countless dollars, too!) I've even worked in Rideau Centre—as a gift wrapper for Holiday Headquarters, briefly in Jacob, and as a server in Treats—my very first job ever when I was 16 years old. I'm almost positive not a week goes by that I'm not in the mall, shopping. Or looking. Or both. I spent a lot of my maternity leave in Rideau Centre, too, thanks to the convenience of the nursing rooms (and my never-ending need to shop for myself and my kids!)

Anyway, the big, very exciting news? Rideau Centre announced a massive expansion which includes major renovations inside and outside the mall. The redevelopment will add 230,000 square feet of leasable area including Simons, and the other stores I already mentioned.

Cadillac Fairview VP Ivan Boulva was on hand to talk about the changes along with Cindy VanBuskirk, General Manager of Rideau Centre. This major redevelopment project will take three years to complete, and around thirty new stores will open. How awesome is that for Ottawa?

The centre will also have two direct light rail transit points to Rideau Station, and the redevelopment will include a 35,000 square foot dining hall featuring 16 premium branded eating establishments.

Here are some of the gorgeous images of future Rideau Centre:

Gorgeous, isn't it? I am SO excited for these changes... for the new stores we'll be getting, and for our economy! 

Happy shopping, you guys. 
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Brenda A. said...

Very nice! It looks so modern and sleek. Sexy! I have never physically been inside of any of the three new stores and I look forward to my first visit!