The Power Of Eight

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Last year, my oldest son, my baby, turned seven years old. 

Today my baby boy is eight years old.

Eight. Years. Old.

In two years, my oldest son will be ten.

It is amazing how much my life shifted from before, to after, the second my son was born and placed in my arms. Life changed for me in ways I'm still trying to wrap my head around.

Life changed for the better, and my eyes were opened to an entirely new world. This new world made me much more vulnerable than ever before, much more afraid than ever before, and much more emotional than ever before.

Often, I have thoughts of wanting to fast-forward time, to see where we'll be in twenty, thirty years. I feel that only then will I be able to exhale.

At the same time, I want to freeze time, because even though I absolutely cherish every second, I feel like time is going by way too quickly. Looking back at pictures of my son and seeing the boy he's become, and the baby he was, makes me emotional. I remember it all so well, yet... eight years have already gone by.

My eight year old is the sweetest, most kind-hearted child. He's gorgeous, beyond words. He cares for everyone, and he's a peace-maker. Everyone (parents, teachers, camp counsellors, friends) tells me what a loving, sweet, person he is. I am always so proud of him.

I'm my happiest when I see my big boy with his little brother—their love and friendship always brings a smile to my face, and my heart feels like it is literally going to explode when I see them together. (In between wrestling matches and brotherly fights, of course.)

My boy is such a boy—he loves Minecraft and Animal Crossing and Despicable Me 2 is his favourite movie ever—yet he's so unique, with his collections of rocks and gems and special gold coins and his love for sea creatures and the Discovery Channel. He would rather be learning about history or what exactly lighting is than be playing sports. I love his thirst for learning, for always asking the hard questions (that I often can't even answer.) He's always been wise beyond his years.

Eight years... this boy of mine makes me proud every day and today I will celebrate, along with my family, the happiest day of our lives. The day our world changed for the better. Becoming a mother was the most incredible (exhausting, wonderful, emotional) experience of my life, and every day, I am thankful.

Happy Birthday, baby!

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