Friday Night Lights

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This past weekend, my family and I had the chance to take a little trip to Toronto (my second home!) to catch a Toronto Argonauts football game, thanks to Old Navy Canada.  

It was the perfect weekend—warm and sunny—and the perfect way to say goodbye to summer. 

We got the chance to wear the new officially licensed CFL Superfan Nation sports shirts from Old Navy which made us feel like true fans. Go Argos, Go! We loved the shirts so much. They were the perfect fit. The best part? They're completely, ridiculously affordable. We're talking under $20.00 for the men's shirts and just $12.00 for the children's shirts. Total score, right? 

(Or should I say... touchdown?) 

Usually sports shirts are very expensive, so it's great that there is an alternative now—so everyone can show their love and support of their favourite sports team without breaking the bank!

These shirts are so cute, we'll wear them even if when we're not at a football game. They're very comfortable, and stylish, too. 

Now can we talk about the game for a minute? There is nothing more summer-like than spending a warm evening watching the sun set while sitting in a sports stadium during a football game! I may have asked my husband if there were three quarters in the game, but uh... let's just say I was kidding, okay? The stadium was packed and we had the most perfect seats. It was also 80's night, so you can imagine how great the music was, too. It was an exciting game, and the kids got totally involved—they loved the football game! We all had a blast. 

Thanks again, Old Navy Canada, for helping us have such a memorable night of sports and fun. And thanks for the letting us show off the new line of Superfan Nation shirts. We're huge fans!

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