Five Reasons I'm Glad I'm Not The Mother Of The Royal Baby

I woke up the Breaking News this morning. Kate was having her baby and the world was on high alert.

Of course I'm happy that this lovely couple (congratulations, Kate and Will!) had a healthy, I'm sure beautiful, baby boy, but I found it intrusive how much the entire planet—and every media outlet —was reporting on nothing else. I feel like I'm the only one who wasn't tweeting about this news today, and I feel like I must be a bad Canadian for not caring more, but I don't know... I just think something as special and lovely as the birth of a child should be a little more... private? I mean, there are literally thousand of people gathered around the hospital waiting to catch a glimpse of the new baby boy.

I for one and glad I didn't have to share the birth of my children with the entire world. I'm a pretty private person, despite being a blogger and despite that fact that I am online all the time.

I'm thankful that I'm not the mother of the Royal child because...

1. It would be impossibly difficult to have to smile all the time when out in public, especially in those first few very sleep-deprived weeks when you're adjusting to your new normal.

2. It would also be impossibly difficult to sneak a bag of Doritos with the world watching.

3. It would cause me a lot of anxiety knowing how hard it would be to find the perfect push present for me. After all, if I lived in a castle, what could I possibly be lacking or in need of?

4. I'd probably cry if this was how the birth of my baby was announced:

5. The amount of thank-you cards I'd have to write would take a year to complete.

So yes, it's a wonderful thing a new baby was welcomed into the world today, but tonight, I'm thankful  I'm not a member of the Royal family!

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Katerina Mertikas said...

Love the announcement photo you showed..

Mrs. Wilson said...

The attention ... it *was* kind of nice that everyone was united over a HAPPY event, rather than something like death or war or violence.

But yea, I like my small private life. But it's not like Kate didn't know what she was getting into. I'm sure she has excellent security, and that Will is looking out for her. :)