Friday, June 7, 2013

Why Twitter Sucks

Twitter is all sorts of awesome, and I'll blog about the many reasons why, one day soon, when I'm off Twitter long enough to be able to do so. (Kidding. I'm hardly ever on Twitter! Haha!)

However, there a few reason why Twitter is not awesome. 

Like the times you send out a tweet saying: 

It was love (lust, whatever) at first sight.
And your sister replies, telling you she's going to go buy the very dress you're planning on buying! 
I don't think so! That's just not going to happen, little sister.

Now we'll see who makes it to Banana Republic first. Challenge ON.

Happy weekend, friends—have a good one!


alimartell said...

That's why you tweet it AFTER you bought it :)

Jen Wilson said...

Haha! You are too hilarious.

Unknown said...

SOLD! to the online shopper... me! :)

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