My Love Affair With Blogging (And What's Next?)

Blogging began as a hobby for me in 2007, as a way to stay connected to my family and friends. This little blog of mine was the perfect platform to share my stories and pictures of my children as they grew from infants, to toddlers, to children. I never expected my blog to be anything other than a hobby, but it turned into something more; a career, of sorts, where I continue to write about the things I love, while earning an income—and giving back to the community whenever I can.

The opportunities I've had have been nothing short of amazing—being featured in magazines, making appearances on television, co-hosting radio shows, emceeing events, speaking at conferences, and writing great reviews and giveaways for businesses and products I love to promote and support. It's certainly been one memorable experience after another. 

I've attended conferences from California to New York City to Miami, I've danced with the Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall, and my family and I have received amazing perks when we travel

It has been incredible, and I'm thankful that my passion grew into something bigger than I thought possible. But... the most important thing about this journey is that I have made some wonderful friends over the years in this community. 

I've heard inspiring people speak in front of me, like Katie Couric, Brene Brown and Martha Stewart. I've gone to a cocktail party with Mario Lopez, I've shared wine with Wolf Blass, and I've talked beer with Tom Green, but the friendships that have lasted over the years? Priceless.

Blogging for Yummy Mummy Club is also so rewarding—I'm surrounded by talented, smart, business-savvy women on a daily basis.

The thing I'm most proud of, though, is when I am able to help others, especially children. I may not blog about my kids as much as I used to, but I will always be a strong voice for them and for all children, and I will enthusiastically support organizations that benefit children and their well-being.

A highlight for me was being asked to be a CHEO blogger. As a mom who has had a child stay  in CHEO three different times, this hospital is very near and dear to my heart.

I was hired to be Volkswagen Canada's blogger during the 2012 24h Tremblant charity event that also benefits sick children, and I was honored to be a part of that. It's incredible the good that comes from people getting together for a worthwhile cause.

I love reading about the wonderful things my friends are doing in the blogging community, too. Our voice is strong and the opportunities we have to use our voice for good are plentiful. 

If I had to give any blogging advice to a new blogger it would be this: 

Be true to yourself, write from the heart, tell your story, whatever it may be, have fun, and use your voice for good. Find something you believe in and try to make a positive change in your community. 

Even though there has been a shift in the blogging world, (less comments, more business opportunities) we are moving in the right direction, and using our voice for good.

I hope we continue to make positive changes around us, while enjoying the fun that comes with this crazy, awesome ride.
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alimartell said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.

This: Be true to yourself, write from the heart, tell your story, whatever it may be

I have been doing that since 2004, watching as the landscape has changed from underneath me...but still following the same mantra—I am who I am.

Love this, Loukia!

Loukia said...

Thanks, Ali! Your blog and posts have often inspired me and what I write here. You're an awesome friend AND an awesome blogger. xo

sharon said...

What Ali said. Stay true to who you are and things that are meant to be will come your way and thinks that don't, weren't meant for you. And that's okay too. :)

Avitable said...

Where's a photo with me? I'm just as famous as Mario Lopez. Totally.

Mrs. Wilson said...

Love this!!

Stephanie said...

There really has been a shift in blogging! So many giveaway blogs just chasing "the numbers". Staying true to yourself, and telling your stories are so important. Thse are the blogs I like to read :)