15 Reasons I'm Awesome

I'm awesome. Because I'm a mom.

Here are 15 reasons why:

1. I survive—in fact I can function—amazingly well on three hours of sleep a night. I know this to be true because it's been my reality for the last seven years, give or take an hour (or two).

2. I can carry more in my arms than the average human at the same time. We're talking a suitcase, a child, a bottle of water, a purse, two sweaters, a pair of running shoes, snacks, passports, and a stroller. While walking down a broken escalator trying to catch a flight.

3. I host playdates with children and I let them invade my entire house.

4. I live with little dictators and I am a calm and rational person in spite of this.

5. I can put together impossible LEGO creations.

6. I eat Goldfish crackers off the floor for dinner.

7. I put all sorts of weird things in my mouth to clean them.

8. I have endured listening to many hours of that annoying brat, Caillou, without breaking the television set in a fit of rage.

9. I have accepted the fact that I only need 3% of my bed to sleep on.

10. I'm okay with waking up with little feet in my face.

11. I am able to change sheets without waking a child who is sleeping on top of these sheets. This is gold medal-worthy, friends.

11. I  know everything there is to know about Minecraft. Sort of.

12.  I still play Super Mario Bros.

13. I sometimes hide food from my children.

14. I have broken up epic sibling battles while driving through scary snow storms.

15. I have gone on vacations and boarded planes witth two young children without any assistance from anyone, and have lived to tell the tale.

What about you—how does being a parent make you even more awesome than you were before?

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Mrs. Wilson said...

I can eat ice cream in front of my kids without them noticing. SKILLS, man.

Issas Crazy World said...

I can 'see' what they are doing at any time if we're in the house.

They've yet to figure out that I just have phenomenal hearing. heh.

writewrds said...

World peace? I'm on it. At the dinner table -- daily. : )

alimartell said...

Wow. I applaud you for #8. I cannot watch Caillou without screaming.

I love this!

Loukia said...

Ha! That is talent, my friend!

Loukia said...

Thanks! Luckily our Caillou days are behind us...

Loukia said...

True superhero!

Angella said...

Love this! And you. :) xo

Stephanie said...

LOL Mad skills my friend. I figure one day when my girls are all grown up then maybe I will get caught up on my sleep!

sharon said...

Today is the perfect day to focus on the positive. tHanks for the smile, Bambi : )

Candace said...

What I want to know is if any of these skills are transferrable to a resume? Anyone?