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I don't know how I'd handle breakfast in my house if my children were picky eaters. Thankfully, I've lucked out in that department—I have children who consider breakfast their favourite meal of the day!

It's always a mad dash in the mornings at my house, so knowing that my children have a favourite food to eat for breakfast is a huge help. 

My boys love cream cheese, and I love how easy it is to prepare breakfast beacuse of this. We spread Philly Cream Cheese on bagels, tortillas, pita bread, and toast, and with a side of fruit and maybe some oatmeal, breakfast is served! Anything to make things run smoothly in the morning, I'm a fan of.

When I saw the new  Chocolate Philly I knew it would taste incredible—and yup, I was right! It's so, so good. You really do have to try it for yourself. I promise—you'll love it.

My favourite way to enjoy my Chocolate Philly? Spread on a warm, toasted bagel, with a side of strawberries. (Great for dipping, too, of course!) Or, on a tortilla, wrapped up, with strawberries inside. So yummy! Here's the best part—with Chocolate Philly you not only get the dairy goodness of Philly, you're also getting the deliciousness of pure milk chocolate—with half the sugar and calories that other similar products provide. So, you're eating healthy, too. Win-win, right?

You know what goes great with a Philly Chocolate breakfast? Enjoying that breakfast in... bed. That's right. In bed. Served to you by your loved one. I know, I don't remember the last time I ate breakfast in bed, either. Philly has a fun Facebook contest going on right now, where you post a status update saying that if you get 20 likes, your sweetheart will then serve you breakfast in bed. Voila.. the pressure is on, and delicious, Chocolate Philly will be yours to enjoy in your comfort zone!

Philly also has a great coupon offer on their Facebook page starting on May 21. Check it out, because you don't want to miss a great offer like this.

Chocolate and cream cheese were totally meant to be together this way... now go spread the news (and the love) yourself!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, but views and opinions are my own. And I love my Philly cream cheese!
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