Random Thoughts: From Abercrombie to Gatsby

My Hair:

It's no big surpirse—I love being blonde. What started off as a few highlights when I was 16 years old turned into me having a head full of blonde hair a few years later. The thought of going dark scares me almost as much as the idea of cutting my hair does, but having to do my colour every month was getting to be a bit much. This week I took a brave step and let my hair dresser add low-lights to my hair. Okay, it was more of an intervention, but that's all behind us now. I love my new hair colour! A lot! I'm still blonde, but with more depth and definition, I guess.

Abercrombie & Assholes OR Abercrombie & Filth

When I was younger, I shopped at Abercrombie, mostly because as a Canadian I loved shopping at stores we didn't have here. Also, because I thought some of their t-shirts were cute and funny, like the "Dependently Wealthy" one that's still somewhere in my closet. Of course, once I passed a certain age I stopped shopping at Abercrombie, not because I couldn't fit into the clothes anymore, but because obviously there were far better stores to shop at for someone my age. Also, it's dark and a bit smelly in Abercrombie, no?

So you all must have heard about some guy named Mike Jeffries? He's the CEO of Abercrombie, and he makes Pete Campbell look like the the world's best human in comparison. Apparently, Mike doesn't want ugly and fat people shopping at his store, because his store is only for the "cool kids". Huh?  I have a huge problem with this idiot sharing his opinion publicly like this, because first of all? Abercrombie is NOT all that, and second of all? He's promoting eating disorders in young children. Newsflash: Not everyone is skinny. Not everyone looks the same. Who is HE to decide what's attractive and what's not attractive? And can we talk about how he, as an adult, is encouraging bullying, self-doubt, and depression in young people? I don't accept his stupidity. I'll no longer buy clothes for my children from that store. And I shop a lot, so take that, Abercrombie and Filth. This is not about being authentic; it's about being an asshole and as someone who represents a store that young people spend their parents money in, you f*cked up, dude.



Busy (Busy!) Week: 

This week—this month, actually—is really, really busy. I know we're all busy, but seriously, I don't think schools take into account that some parents also have full-time jobs, because whoa, the hours we've spent on homework and projects this week! My seven year old did as much work last night as I did in four years of university. Okay, slight exaggeration, but you get my point. This, after what was an incredibly busy week at school that included a book fair, a volunteer recognition assembly, an open house, and an all-day field trip that I happily volunteered for. I love that I'm able to volunteer in the school as much as I do. Being present this way for my boys makes me happy, and they love when I'm there, too.

Mother's Day:

What do moms want for Mother's Day? I put together some great gift ideas on my shopping blog, but truly, all I want is what I cherish the most from my children: something from the heart. My five year old was excited to give me the gift he made for me at school, and my heart almost exploded from love and happiness. There's nothing else in the world I need.

The Great Gatsby:

I read the book in high school (like everyone else I know) but I don't remember it well enough, so I'm reading it right now. I can't wait to see the movie tomorrow night. It looks Oh-my-God-incredible. Is it all hype? Is the book that great? Will the movie be amazing? We'll soon find out...

Hotel California:
I made it through three days of awesome fun in Laguna Beach at Mom 2.0! I mean, I made it through hearing about, reading about, and seeing pictures from my friends of how fabulous Mom 2.0 in Laguna was. No, really—it was nice to see how much fun everyone was having, and the location was simply gorgeous. Next year, I'll be back. I have my ticket for Mom 2.0 2014 already, and so do a lot of my favourite people, so that makes me very happy. One word of advice to my friends who blog and work in social media and want turn their passion into something more? Don't miss the chance to go to Mom 2.0 next year. It is so very worth it.

Greek Easter:

The reason I wasn't in California, as most of you know, was because it was our Greek Easter weekend and as usual, it was a beautiful weekend of fun, family, and food. Emphasis on FOOD. And more food. Greek Easter is really about the food, after all. Did I mention the food? And since Easter took place in May this year, and since it is an unseasonably hot May, the kids swam all day and had the best time of their lives. The lamb was good, too!

Shoe obsession:
I currently love Tieks and need a pair, like, yesterday. Only problem? I can't decide what colour to get. IMPOSSIBLE decision. So I blogged about it, naturally. See why I am having such a hard time deciding on a colour? I hate decisions!

And... that's all from me. For now. Time to kick back and relax, because the weekend is here. Okay, maybe there won't be any time to relax, but still, the weekend is here, so have a good one, friends.

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Elaine Alguire said...

So where is Mom 2.0 next year?

Your hair looks SO great and I hear you about the end of school year busy, it's crazy!!

Elaine Alguire said...

oh and p.s. Happy Mother's Day!!

writewrds said...

Love the hair!
Don't love the A+F attitude.
Won't be shopping there again either.

alimartell said...

The hair is ah-mazing.

I really, really love it.

Loukia said...

Thank you! It's in Atlanta, Georgia next year!

Loukia said...

Thank you! :)

EatPlayLove said...

school ends in two weeks here and I think our calendar is packed to the gills until then! Btw, I love your hair, low lights look so soft and pretty on you. AND... as far as A+F I never really shopped there, so now it's a definitely not!

Angella said...

LOVE the hair, Lou. Love.

Marta G said...

I read the thing about Abercrombie too and was so mad. Its absolutely disgusting. I too wore their clothes as a teenager, but now I would never shop there even if it makes me the uncool mom to not let my kids go there. SO GROSS.

Loukia said...

Thank you!

Loukia said...

Thanks, A!