Gonna Make You Sweat

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Every morning I wake up at the same time as my children and the mad rush begins—shower! Make-up on! Fix hair! Find something to wear! Dress the children! Run downstairs! Make breakfast! Make lunches and snacks! Beg the children to brush their teeth! Pack the backpacks! When will I learn to get up and get ready before the children? Hopefully one day soon... seriously.

When I'm stressed to the max about getting everyone out the door on time, I thank goodness that I don't sweat it—I handle it! Seriously, I'm thankful for the awesome Lady Speed Stick Power because it provides long lasting protection to help me not lose my cool, so to speak, when I'm in stressful situations like the daily mad rush out the door with two children. It works.

I recently reviewed two new Lady Speed Stick products and they worked like a charm, helping me through all my daily crazy sweat-inducing situations at home, on the way to school and to work, and in any situation you can imagine.

Lady Speed Stick is so awesome, they decided to spread the love, too. They're giving away six baskets full of Lady Speed Stick products!

Just click here to enter! Simple, right? Totally not sweat-inducing! Just tell us... what makes you sweat?

Come on... we want to know! And, okay, we want to laugh along with you, too. Was it a blind date you went on? An unexpected visit from my mother-in-law? Leaving the house with two different shoes on? (Yes, this has happened to someone I know!)
Lady Speed Stick truly offers long-lasting superior protection, and I love the invisible Lady Speed Stick—no need to worry about stains anywhere on my clothes, no matter what colour I am wearing! It's also available in four different frangrances (yum!)  to keep you feeling fresh from morning to night.

Here's a coupon you can use, too. You're welcome! And remember... don't sweat it—no matter the situation—handle it!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I received compensation from Colgate. All views and opinions are my own.
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Stephanie said...

Oh that morning rush can be super stressful and sweat inducing!! been there all too often :)