Give A Little Bit (And a Givopoly Giveaway)

It's no secret—I love to shop. I love to shop not only for myself and for my children, but for my friends and other family members, too.

I love special occasions because it means I get to go shopping for the perfect gift for the people I love. Whether it's shopping for a gift for my child's friend, or a gift for my mom or best friend, I enjoy looking for things I know they'd love and appreciate.

Besides hitting my favourite mall to find the perfect gift, I love shopping at Givopoly. Givopoly is a local gift concierge—a gift and gift basket delivery service. How amazing is that? Givopoly has over 70 partners and has over 1000 gifts to choose from that can be delivered the very next day.

So let's say you just now remembered tomorrow is your best friend's birthday? No worries—check out the amazing gifts online at Givopoly, select your gift, and your friend will be calling you to say thanks the very next day!

Like many of you, I don't have the luxury of spending hours in a mall shopping for the perfect gift, even though I'd love to be able to do just that. Luckily I can go to Givopoly and select a gift for literally any occasion. A huge bonus? Supporting local businesses. I love that. It's a fast, easy way to shop locally.

You can select the items you want by occasion, gift type, and price point—making online shopping even easier than it already was. Did I mention they deliver, too? I love that.

From retro candy from Ottawa's favourite candy store, to yummy cupcakes, and artistic gifts like personalized art for a child's room, there is something here for every special person in my life.

There's even a huge selection of toys from one of Ottawa's finest toys stores, Tag Along Toys, another blog patron of mine. I love the quality of toys they carry, and these are perfect gifts to send to a friend who just had a baby, or for a friend who has a child celebrating a birthday!

I love that Givopoly brings together all these fantastic local businesses, while making shopping easier for their customers.

Givopoly wants you to experience their fabuous online store, too! I'm giving away a $50.00 gift certificate for you to use as you wish on anything they offer! Just leave me a comment below telling me how you'd spend it (would you buy a gift for your mom, for your husband, for a best friend?) and I'll pick a winner randomly on Wednesday, June 5th!

Happy Shopping, everyone!
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Chantal said...

oh I would definitely use it for my youngest son. Or maybe my Mom for her birthday. :) I can't decide

Rachel Brown said...

I would buy something for my wonderful husband for Father's Day! We have a toddler and a newborn and he is an AMAZING father and husband :)

-Rachel Brown :)

Chantal Bechervaise said...

I would buy a a gift for my husband as our 12 year anniversary is coming up on June 12. :)

Susan Fahel/Cafe Latte Cino said...

Loulou! I would buy something for you! Lol

Yasmin Fues said...

I am a HUGE fan and loyal customer of Givopoly - I would most probably use the $50 Gift Certificate as a silent auction donation item in the a golf tournament I am volunteering on to raise funds for JDRF

jemrah said...

I would probably buy something my whole family could share - a treat to celebrate the end of the school year! - a pie perhaps? or some candy from The Candy Shop :)

Elizabeth Ford said...

I would send food to a friend who needs help while her fiancee is in the hospital.

runninglawyer said...

I would definitely use it for my lovely husband for father's day. He is an amazing father and husband, and deserves a little something nice.... ;)

Georgina said...

I would use this for our family to share, just can't decide what to get!!

Jonnie (JB) said...

I would get a gift for my boys for finishing up the school year.