Entertainment 101: Setting The Stage With Ease

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Now that summer is almost here, I plan on having guests over all the time to enjoy the gorgeous weather outside and making good use of my patio furniture and newly renovated kitchen. I love entertaining in my home, no matter the season, but there's something so laid-back and wonderful about having guests over when the weather is nice out. 

Because I work full-time and take care of my two children and all their summer activities—swimming lessons, tennis, camp, playdates—I like to try new things in the kitchen that won't take hours to prepare. At the same time, I want to serve my guests food and appetizers they'll love.

I love that Triscuit crackers go well with everything—served as a side with a cheese platter, dipped in homemade salsa, or used to melt cheese on top of. That's one of my favourite snacks—mine, and my boys! Whether it's the Original Triscuit crackers you're munching on, or the Thin Crisps (my personal favourite) you and your guest will be plenty satisfied... take my word for it.

I love having girlfriends over for a Ladies Night, where we sip wine, eat yummy food, talk about our new favourite movie (hello, The Great Gatsby anyone?) while our children run around playing in the backyard without a care in the world.

I'm having a group of girlfriends over next week, and I  plan on making the Greek Antipasto Dip and the Easy Salsa—thanks to Triscuit for providing the easy recipes on their Facebook page, I'm able to get this done in no time at all. Trust me, I'm not a fan of spending more time than necessarity doing anything other than eating when I'm in the kitchen!

Triscuit crackers are so yummy, and my children devour them when they're in the house. Sometimes, I've even had to hide the Triscuits from them—we've all done this, right?

With Triscuit crackers, my stage really is set for entertaining. And that allows me more time to enjoy my friends when they come over to my place to visit.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, but all views and opinions are my own.
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