Why I'm Looking Forward To Spring

So it's March 18th, and spring is coming... it is, I swear, despite the fact that the forecast is calling for 20 centimetres of snow this week. (What!) March always has a way of getting us excited and then blasting us with one last snow storm before we can start to really get excited about warmer days and breezy nights.

Here are the things I'm looking forward to as the weather starts to improve:

No more winter gear! I'm so over helping dress my children in their snow pants, stepping in wet snow, and looking for gloves/hats/neck warmers every single morning. I'm looking forward to wearing cute little trench coats, (like my new green trench coat I picked up at the grand opening party at Joe Fresh!) and children who don't have to be bundled up to go outside. They can't wait for the warm days to return, either.

Playing outside! There's nothing I love more than spending hours outside with my boys, playing. At the park, on our bikes, kicking the soccer ball around, blowing bubbles, playing golf, whatever. As long as we're outside (and not freezing!) we're having a good time.

Sunshine! I can't wait for days filled with sunshine, and sunny skies. And days lunching on patios. And after dinner drinks on the patio. And blue skies! And birds chirping, and flowers blooming, and colour everywhere. No more grey skies!

Sexy shoes! Yeah, I love boots, but enough already... I'm ready for my cute sandals and sexy new heels! And flats! And of course, my beloved flip flops. I love the ease of dressing that comes with warmer days, don't you?

Mad Men! Finally, you guys... finally... in just a few short weeks, Mad Men returns for another amazing season. I cannot wait for more Don Draper! I'm also loving the new Mad Men collection at Banana Republic and I need to add this dress to my summer wardrobe...

Soccer! This year, finally, both my boys can play soccer! I'm so excited, even though they both play on the same night, on different fields. That's going to be a challenge, but still! Two boys playing my favourite sport all summer long? SO excited.

Kicking it pool side! I can't wait for hot days of lounging by the pool and swimming all day long. Seriously, this is probably my favourite thing about summer.

Yummy drinks! Pina colada, anyone? Chilling in the backyard with friends, fresh fruit, yummy drinks, BBQ's... so much to look forward to!

Happy days! There are a lot of great things going on, and exciting news: I've got a few articles coming out in  Ottawa Magazine and Ottawa Family Living Magazine that I'm excited about, I'm going to Toronto for an event at the beginning of April, and I get to see some of favourite people.

What are you looking forward to the most as spring finally arrives?

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Angella said...

Wearing sandals and dresses! I hate socks and jeans. :)

Canadian Dad said...

Well, I did have an epic, neighbourhood wide snowball fight today, but I'd have to say that I am most looking forward to taking the kids to the cottage and relaxing down by the beach. It's such a simple thing but it's the one that brings me the most joy.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am waiting for the same things. I am tired (very tired) of slogging through the unplowed parking lots and having wet feet the rest of the day!