I am torn, you guys.


Listen, this isn't a real big problem, and it's not an incredibly huge issue, but still, it's something I have been thinking about for days, and reaching a decision has been difficult for me. I'm stressed and this has nothing to do with what I shoud wear or what shoes to buy!

California or Chicago?

I've attended three BlogHer conferences, and I've loved them all. I actually loved the two in NYC the most, because, well, NYC is one of my favourite cities. I won't get into all I love about BlogHer, because I wrote about it here and here.

In summary: the parties are awesome, I love seeing my friends, and I enjoy exploring the city I'm in for a couple of days. It's a mini-vacation with a professional twist. I also really enjoy BlissDom Canada and I was honoured to be a Community Leader this past October. I love giving back to this amazing community when I can.

I attended Mom 2.0 last May in Miami, and this conference was a game-changer for me. It was the one conference where I left refreshed and inspired. It was amazing to be around talented, successful women who were leaders in their fields—from authors to bloggers to CEO's. Although I haven't left any conference with jobs lined up, these conferences, especially Mom 2.0, certainly open doors for me, and through networking and connections made in person, new opportunities arise that always lead to work for me.

The more you put in, the more you get out, right? Sometimes, spending a few days with women who inspire is enough to make you become better at the work you do. Also, spending time with friends is an added bonus.

Ah, but life is not full of easy decisions! I mean, getting dressed in the morning can sometimes be challenging enough. I can't afford both conferences this year. I have to choose one. Door number 1, or door number 2?

There are pros and cons to both, but all signs are pointing towards Door number 1. Mom 2.0. If it is something I can figure out. I'm not going to stress about it too much, but it's something to think about, for sure. Mom 2.0 is a more worthwhile conference for me, and the fact that all my favourite people are going to be there is making it very hard for me to resist.

Cons? It's in California, and it's far from home. I know my boys are always in good hands when I go away once or twice a year for a couple of days, and I know they'll be fine. I know it's actually healthy to take time for myself, too, but I'm Greek, and therefore suffer from some serious mommy guilt.

Decisions are never easy, are they? Something that is also not easy is missing out on the things you really want. I have a bad case of FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out! Especially when I know I'd be missing out on something great.

I'll let you know what I decide... in the meantime, if you want to let me know what you'd do, I'd love to hear from you!

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Marinka said...

It's hard choosing between conferences, and sometimes it's the location or the timing that tips the balance. There's so much that I love about BlogHer, but I feel that at this point, I need the more intimate environment of Mom 2.0. And yes, California is far, but it's warm and sunny and we'll sit poolside and sip margaritas and plan our world domination!

Angella said...

I'm personally leaning towards Mom 2.0 and was planning on emailing you...

Nadia said...

You know where I stand on this one. :) Mom 2.0 brought so much more to the table for me and where I am right now. And if you decide to come we can have a nervous breakdown about leaving our kids - together. Because although the conference is two full months away, I'm already starting to panic...

TItania Jordan said...

I am already filled with anxiety (and have been since the moment I purchased my ticket) about flying clear across the country, away from my child, for almost 4 days. On the other hand, I will be on the coast of CALIFORNIA at the RITZ the presence of some truly amazing women and men. That, my dear friend, does not suck. You have to come. And, if you don't, we will still love you to pieces and you won't miss a beat because you can follow it all on Twitter, Instagram, and blog recaps. Do what's best for YOU. xoxo