The Things I Loved

I've been watching John Hughes movies like I'm a thirtysomething woman going through some sort of almost mid-life crisis. I mean, I'm not, but still, I've been taking a serious trip down memory lane lately.

There is a lot I loved about my childhood and teenage years, and watching my favourite movies like Say Anything, Clueless, Heathers and Reality Bites makes me remember all the things I used to love back in the day.

I loved Christian Slater.

I loved Pretty In Pink.

I loved Chachi.

I loved BOP and Tiger Beat.

I loved my Converse running shoes.
I loved teasing my hair even though it looked awful.
I loved Alyssa Milano and Tony Danza and Who's The Boss.

I loved Kirk Cameron, before he got all, you know, crazy weird.
I loved the Mini-Pops and had a crush on the boy who sang Eye Of The Tiger.

I loved Fashion Plates.
I loved push-down socks and wearing two different earrings to look cool.
I loved that I went through a skater phase even though I have never been on a skateboard in my life.

I loved the smoking section.

I loved skipping class and playing Dominos and cards with my friends in high school.

I loved Friday night school dances, but hated having to wait two agonizing days to see the boy I liked again on Monday morning, when things were always different and weird and not at all sweet and romanatic like they were on Friday night.

I loved passing notes in class. I still have all these notes in a special wooden box.
I loved Nirvana. And the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And Black Sabbath. And Guns N' Roses.

I loved dancing.
I loved Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

I loved that the friends I had back then are still my best friends today. We've really been through it all together.

I loved Top Gun.
I loved River Phoenix.
I loved WHAM!

I love Rainbow Brite, and my Cabbage Patch Kid.
I loved Esprit and Benetton, and shopping with my parents on Sunday afternoons.

It's amazing how much of my childhood and teenage years are still so very clear in my mind. I love my memories, and I love remembering the things I loved.

What about you? What did you love, back in the back?
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Avitable said...

I loved Transformers and Star Wars and MAD Magazine.

Wait, I still do.

Stephanie said...

Not only did I love Pretty in Pink I still do! All those old 80s movies, they just don't make them like that anymore:)

Angella said...

I left you a comment this morning and it disappeared. Sigh.

I loved all of the above lady. We're twins!

Issas Crazy World said...

It's always funny when I can tell by a post like this that someone is right around my exact age.

I'd add in 90210. Oh how I loved Jason Preisley.

alimartell said...

ohmigosh. LOVE this. and I loved so many of those things too. We totally could have been teenaged friends.

Alessandrina said...

I loved BOP Magazine, the group Menudo (Ricky Martin was a member), Duran Duran, the 80s movies, my Reebok high top sneakers, school dances, and The Body Shop's DEWBERRY scent! Who remembers that one?! I'd wish they'd bring it back.