The Grammy Awards 2013: Fashion Hits And Misses

I love music almost (maybe even more) than shopping. Although I'm not a music pro, I cannot live without my music. I prefer long road trips alone so I can listen to my songs in peace, with the volume super loud, and the windows down. You know, if it's not -40 out.

Another thing I love about music? The Grammy Awards. I love it for the music, of course, and also for the fashion, because that's seriously half the fun of watching award shows, no? Everyone's favourite stars hit the red carpet at the 2013 Grammy Awards decked out and looking gorgeous and glamourous despite receiving a memo telling them to cover up, everyone still looked very sexy.

Anyway, here are my pics for Best Dressed at the 2013 Grammy Awards!

Maria Menounos: I may be biased because I'm a fellow Greek, but every time I see Maria on the red carpet, she looks stunning. I especially love the colour of her dress (I'm currently really into yellow) and she's always got a great smile on her face, which is always the best fabulous accessory.

Carrie Underwood: With a sweet shout-out to her Ottawa Senators NHL hubby, Carrie looked beautiful, as always. I love her style. She always wears the most flattering, sexy dresses, and she has fabulous hair!

Rihanna: Although nobody was impressed with her choice of date (really, girlfriend... we all know you can and should do better!) Ri-Ri was stunning and sexy in a red Alaia. I was loving her long, flowing hair and now I have a craving to go ombre, too. She was the lady in red. And super sexy.

Taylor Swift: Okay, shout-out to Taylor Swift, because I actually loved her Grecian style long white dress. A huge improvement from her look at the Golden Globe Awards. I even loved the braid. Well done, Taylor!

Katy Perry: Along with the colour yellow, I also have a huge obsession with seafoam and mint green. Katy Perry looked as hot as a firework at the Grammy Awards, even though clearly she didn't get the memo. It's okay though. I approved of her dress, and she was a total head-turner.

Beyonce: After her solid performance at the Superbowl, Beyonce once again stole the show, this time in a sexy black and white suit. Beyonce is beautiful and fierce and proved you don't have be in a revealing dress to look absolutely sexy.

Adele: Even though we all love her to pieces, Adele was not wearing the most flattering dress at the Grammys. She's super talented, super beautiful, and super funny. She's a star, but she wasn't dressed like one last night. Adele, if you're hiring, I'd love to be your stylist! We'd have so much fun shopping together!

Who do you think was Best (and Worst!) Dressed at the 2013 Grammy Awards?

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writewrds said...

Rihanna's dress was my favourite. She looked stunning. And classy.
You're right. Great dress, shame about the date....

NatteringNic said...

Ohhh...I loved Adele's dress. But judging from the Grammy live tweets and the "best/worst dressed" lists, I'm in the minority.

I was just happy she wasn't in black...again.

Loukia said...

She really did look smazing!