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The long weekend is finally here, Monday is Family Day, and there's a lot going on.

Also? There was a crazy meteor blast that hit the skies in Russia yesterday, and I was completely freaked out, probably because I found out in the middle night and couldn't get back to sleep. Also?

I was on CTV Ottawa Morning earlier today talking about all the fun events happening around town, and if you missed my segment, I've got the video right here! Check it out, because I've got a lot of information for you on how to keep busy this weekend.

What's there to do in Ottawa this long weekend? Winterlude! It's the last weekend of Winterlude, and the weather has been great so far. Yummy Mummy Club will be in town, too, taking part in all the festivities. From Snowflake Kingdom (I was just there this morning with my big boy and his school!) to Crystal Garden and skating on the canal, there is a lot going on. Beavertails and poutine are a great way to end the day, of course.

Museums are open on Monday as well, and many are offering free admission for children. I know the Museum of Nature and the Science and Tech museum have a lot of fun activities planned for kids.

And of course, I'll be hosting the 2nd annual Old Navy Family Day Festival in Rideau Centre, and Erica Wark will be there as well, helping anyone with style and wardrobe questions. I'm totally going to ask Erica how I can get over my fear of wearing bright coloured pants!

Yesterday was a busy day too, because I was invited to a lunch at Lowe-Martin with Canada Post where I met author Marie-Louise Gay and got a sneak peek at the upcoming commemorative stamp being released featuring the art of her famous Stella books. When|I was a child I collected stamps, so when we were given a tour of the building that makes all the stamps, I thought it was very, very cool.

Phew! It has been a busy few days, a meteor hit earth, and the weekend is just as crazy, from the CHEO gala to my sister's 30th birthday bash to keeping busy with the kids and hosting Family Day at Old Navy. I hope whatever you've got planned this weekend, you have fun and stay safe!
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