On Change and Resolutions

Ah, 2013... a new year filled with so many possibilities. Oh, the pressure to be better than the year before! Sometimes, thinking about making major changes can be paralyzing.

Instead of giving myself a bunch of hard-core resolutions like I usually do, I'm going to go easy on myself.

I resolve to:

Take more pictures with my real camera.

Spend less money. (Because I lost my job.)

Take a picture where both my boys are smiling and looking at the camera at the same time.

Start watching Breaking Bad and Newsroom.

Stop breaking my iphone.

Ski more often.

Swim in the ocean more.

Sit and patiently wait for Homeland and Mad Men to start again.

Go to the gym a few times a weeks.

Be happy.

Cook more often without burning the house down.

Yell less.

Write more.

Find a career I'm passionate about.

Become my own boss.

Shop responsibly.

Blog like it's 2009.

Leave more comments on blogs I read.

Read more books.

Be present.

Give it to temptation. (After all, chocolate is good for you!)

What small changes are you going to make this year?

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Katerina Mertikas said...

very good post and funny in parts, yes to less yelling, being Greek is bad for the voice sometimes, but we mean well, I will just keep on painting and painting though..

Anna See said...

these all sound wonderful! i don't exercise at all. i know i should at least start walking, so maybe that's something i'll work on. :)

EatPlayLove said...

You've got a great starting ground! Happy New Year!

Elaine A. said...

Oh gosh, I need to catch up! I didn't know you lost your job!

Sorry, hon...

And I'm looking for those posts like it is 2009! I want to do that myself, as we've tweeted. :)

Happy New Year, let's make it great!

Nenette AM said...

I LOVE the "Blog like it's 2009"! That's one of mine too. We rocked, back then, didn't we?! :) xoxo

Queen said...

K...I'm going to take your advice and comment more on blogs I read. I read you all the time. You have no idea. Now you do!

alimartell said...

Yell less. YES. On my list too. Always.

And yes. Breaking Bad. YES yes yes.

Laurel said...

Here's for blogging and commenting like it's 2009:)

Angella said...

Happy New Year, roomie! Miss you!!

Avitable said...

I wonder if you'll like Breaking Bad. It's not a show I can get into. :)

tracy@sellabitmum said...

I love these so much! I cannot wait to see you this year. Also, I'm sorry about your job. :( xoxoxo