Five Years

My baby boy—my second child—is now five years old. I don't know how the years have gone by so quickly or how I am still able to function after all these years of getting no more than five hours of sleep a night, but somehow, here we are.

Photo: A couple of years ago at the Atlantis in Bahamas. Can't wait to go back one day.

My little D is a ray of sunshine. He's happy, he's lovely, he's in love with me, and with his family. He looks up to his big brother "Ito", and he is one heck of a trouble-maker.

He can charm anyone, and people stop to talk to him wherever we go. He's got a way with his words, he's bold, he's loud, he's funny. He is a character, and he can act. If we lived in Hollywood, he's no doubt win an Oscar.

He's a drum-playing, Queen-loving, alligator-obsessed just turned five year old. He's all drama, and he's mastered the perfect poker face. He can play a game of cards better than half the adults I know, and he's smart beyond his years, much like brother. He understands things on a level he shouldn't yet, and he likes to test his limits...every single day.

He loves school, and he loves to swim. He loves books and reading, and he loves LEGO and Batman. He watches shows on National Geographic that are all about animals—especiallys lobsters, crabs, alligators and crocodiles.

He likes to take care of me in a way that's so sweet and wonderful and this is a reflection of the way he'll be when he's older. When he's through with breaking hearts, he'll make someone very happy, indeed.

He's my little man, and he completes me. I've got my hands full with him (and his brother!) but I'm thankful, and so, so blessed, every single day. Nothing makes me happier than my little men.

Happy Birthday, baby boy, and a million more. I love you more than you'll ever know.
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Sourire11 said...

Happy birthday to your little man!!!

Suzanne said...

I remember him at 5 MONTHS old and now he's 5 years old. Crazy how quickly time flies! Happy Birthday, D!!!! xo

Katerina Mertikas said...

We adore him, wishing him a lifetime of happiness!

Elaine A. said...

I can FEEL how much you love your little guy in this post. SO sweet! Happy Birthday to him!!

Angella said...

Aw, Happy Birthday to you both!

Amy Windsor said...

Aw... Happy birthday to your fab little guy!

Marinka said...

He is crazy gorgeous. Happy birthday to him and to you! xox