12 Awesome Things About 24h Tremblant

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When Volkswagen Canada asked me to join them at 24h Tremblant as their official blogger and team member, I very enthusiastically said yes. I'm Volkswagen's biggest fan, and 24h Tremblant is one incredible weekend with one mission: to raise money for children who need it the most.

24h Tremblant is a 24 hour non-stop friendly skiing (and snowboarding) relay that takes place on the mountains of Mont Tremblant. Throughout the night, teams compete to cover the most terrain and ultimately aim to raise the highest amount of money for very deserving children's charities.

Volkswagen Canada was the main partner of the 12th edition of 24h Tremblant, and I was so proud and honoured to be there as part of their team. Thank you, VW!

Being in Tremblant was emotional, fun, exciting, and so worthwhile. The energy from the participants, the smiles on the children's faces, and the encourangement and cheers from everyone watching as team members skied for 24 hours non-stop was an awesome thing to be a part of. What an experience!

Without further delay, here are... 12 Awesome Things About the 12th Edition of 24h Tremblant:

1. Over $2,045, 391 was raised during this year's 24h Tremblant, which far surpassed last year's total of $1,832, 200.

2. 215 ski and snowboard teams along with 38 walking teams took part in this year's event.

3. All together there were 2,000 participants, all united for the same cause.

4. Proceeds from 24h Tremblant benefit Foundation centre de Cancérologie Charles-Bruneau, The Ottawa Senators Foundation, Foundation Martin-Matte, and The Tremblant Foundation.

5.  For every picture submitted to Volkswagen's 24h Worth Thinking About, VW donated $10 to 24h Tremblant. I recorded my thoughts on video, too, talking about who I was thinking about during the 24 hours.

6. The 24h of Skiing is North America's biggest sporting fundraising event.

7. Volkswagen Canada raised $84,705 for the 2012 24h Tremblant. Amazing!

8. Seeing people come together to ski, cheer, and support their teams all for the children who need it the most? That was what this weekend was all about. The love of the children brought everyone together, got everyone out, and the end results were outstanding.

9. This weekend got me skiing again. It had been many, many years but I am so thankful VW made me get out there and do my thing. Now I'm determined to get on the slopes as many weekends as possible this winter!

10. 24h Tremblant was founded by Jacques Villeneuve, and over the last 12 years, the 24h of skiing has raised more than $12 million making it the biggest event of its kind in skiing history.

11. The organizers, sponsors, ambassadors, and partners helped make this past weekend such a success.

12. The weather was perfection the entire weekend! It even started snowing, making the beautiful weekend even more festive. Seeing the children laughing, playing, having snowball fights, skiing, and enjoying the weekend festivites brought a huge smile to my face and was a perfect reminder about why we were there in the first place.

Next up? Tremblant's 24h of cycling, taking place September 6-8, 2013. I'm getting my bike helmet ready from now!

Thank you so much, Volkswagen Canada, for giving me the opportunity to come take part is this  most worthwhile, amazing weekend in Mont Tremblant. The good you do for the charities and children who need it the most brought tears to my eyes throughout the weekend, and my children saw first-hand how great things can happen when people come together this way.

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