Can you believe Christmas is literally around the corner? It's unreal how quickly November has flown by! I don't know about you, but this has been one of the busiests months ever. School events, red cups at Starbucks, dances, parent-teacher interviews, book fairs, events, dinners, art shows, TV appearances, doctor's appointments, work, life, laundry... the usual. But more. It's been a post-it notes everywhere kind of month.

My mom's limited edition print was launched at her art show last night at Koyman Galleries. CHEO CEO Alex Munter was there to talk about the importance of art in the hospital, and how the money made from this print will benefit the children. A personal friend of ours who is the head neurosurgeon at CHEO was also on hand to talk about the equipment that will be bought from the sales of this print.

From this one print (The Joys Of Youth) $25,000 will be going to CHEO. After all the prints are released, CHEO will receive $150,000. How amazing is that? I love seeing the Ottawa community get together, and last night, so many friends were in attendance at the show, supporting my mom and CHEO. I could not think of a more worthy cause. And if you're looking for a Christmas gift to give someone who loves art? This print would make a great addition to any home.

From gifts of art to... toys! I was on CTV Ottawa Morning Live today, talking about some of the hottest toys of the season for boys and girls. Here is my segment, in case you missed it, or want to see it.

It is always a blast being on the morning show. If you're looking for more great gift ideas for your boys and girls, check out my post on my shopping blog about the hottest toys for the holidays!

With Kelli, Stu, Crystal, and Erin this morning at CTV.

Phew... it's been a crazy busy (but totally fun) week.

I hope you all find some time this weekend to kick back and relax. And you know, get started on that holiday shopping!

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Nenette AM said...

A super big congratulations to your mom, Lou! You have such a beautiful family!
Such generosity for such a worthy cause.

Can't wait to check out that segment!

Kyla @ Mommys Weird said...

Good for you!

Angella said...

Look at you! So great, Lou. And I love the fundraising, too. :)