My Top Eight Gifts For The Holidays!

The best part about the holidays for me is the shopping. Okay, that sounds awful, doesn't it? Actually, that's not the best part. The best part is spending time with family, decorating the tree with my children, sipping hot chocolate by the fire place, and seeing my children's excitement grow as we get closer to Christmas. It's also about giving back.

I love how festive and beautiful everything is, the holiday parties, the cookies, the Bailey's, and yes, the shopping. Especially for my children, especially when they don't give me a list with impossible to find toys on it, and when they remember to stay within Santa's budget!

I also enjoy shopping for my mom, best friends, and my sister. Because that means whatever I find for them... I get for myself, too. (Wait.. .am I doing this wrong?)

Anyway, here are some great gift ideas for giving—or for receiving, hint, hint—this holiday season!

Loulou's Top Eight For Her:

Sephora Color Daze Blockbuster: This make-up palette has all the make-up you're going to need for a very long time. This expandable palette includes lots of your Sephora  favourites, in every colour you can imagine. The set contains 64 waterproof eye shadows, 12 cream eyeliners, 48 lip glosses, 3 blushes, 6 multi-purpose eye, cheek, or lip creams, 3 multi-purpose luminizers, 3 make-up brushes, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Tory Burch iphone case: My sister has asked for a new iphone case for Christmas, and since I'm a huge Tory Burch fan, I think this would make a great gift
for me for her, don't you? Best part? It's only $50!

Aqua Solid Wrap Scarf: I want this scarf in every colour! This time of year, my accessory of choice is a colourful scarf. This makes the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list, and it's only $58.

Dogeared Sterling Silver Whisper Cross Necklace: I keep coming back to this necklace because it's so delicate, pretty, and unique. This is a great gift to give a friend, and a great gift to buy yourself, too. I also love the elephant for good luck.

Nostalgia Electric Theater Style Stirring Popcorn Maker: Popcorn just happens to be my favourite snack, especially when I'm watching movies and TV shows in the comfort of my home. How fun would a girls night in be with popcorn, wine, and Homeland on TV? Pretty perfect if you ask me!  
Books: I have always loved receiving—and giving—books for the holidays. There's nothing I love more in a home than seeing bookcases filled with dozens of books. To me, books make a home, and that's why my children always get a few books for Christmas to add to their little library in their rooms. I love giving friends copies of my favourite books.

Canada Goose Hat: The name Canada Goose is very well known and very loved in Canada, and in any part of the world where it's cold. I'm not kididng when I say the vast majority of Canadian girls would prefer a Canada Goose coat over anything else for the holidays because they're stylish, and oh-so-warm! This cute hat makes a great gift and it's under $60, too.

Osolee Bracelet: I have a few Osolee bracelet's and I wear them every single day. And every day, I get a new compliment on them. I love the "India" Turquoise and Gold Wrap Bracelet so much it's hard to believe it's under $30. Seriously! Time to stock up, my friends.

Need more gift ideas? I've put together a guide to the best toys of the season for your kids!

Happy holiday shopping...
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@flangela_lyne said...

Love the hat and the iphone case! Great Picks Loukia

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Cute ideas! I love the TB phone case. I'm off to see if it is out for the iphone 5 yet!

Japolina said...

All great choices. Wish you were my friend so that I was on your list. Ha!

Unknown said...

Love your list! Unfortunately Sephora's line of cosmetics may be cheap but they are also cheap quality. I would suggest just splurging a little bit more and getting eye-shadow that actually works.