A Little Bit Of Bliss And Some Tips

The third annual BlissDom Canada is taking over the city of Toronto in just a few days... and I'm SO excited! I love that this conference takes place in October, giving us all something to look forward to so soon after BlogHer.

Every time I attend a blogging conference, I come back with new memeries, stories to tell, and laughter to remember. Oh yeah—I learn something new at each conference, too, like who has the best moves on the dance floor, who can last until 4 a.m. at a karaoke bar in NYC, and who will have me in tears, both happy ones, and sad ones. (There are always some sort of emotional tears at blogging conferences, which has something to do with the brilliant people you'll talk to and listen to, combined with the fact that you don't get much sleep and are basically surviving on wine and cupcakes for three days.)

This weekend, I am going to be speaking at BlissDom Canada as a Community Leader. My topic is "How To Price And Value Your Services" and I can't wait to speak to my fellow bloggers and share some of my knowledge.

I can't wait to see many of my friends again. Of course, there are many other friends in my blogging community that I'm going to be missing this weekend, too.

Anyway, if you're new to BlissDom Canada—if this is your first time attending this conference—welcome! You're going to love it. I promise.

Here are some tips for you:

Be yourself

Just be you. BlissDom Canada is a very welcoming conference, and people want to meet the real you. There is no pressure. Seriously. Sometimes conferences can feel overwhelming, but the more important thing to remember is that we're all there for the same thing, and we all have the same common interest. There is also something very intimate about BlissDom Canada... you'll see. You will feel the love!

Say hello

Most of the time, you'll find people you know right away. Sometimes, you'll walk into a room and you won't know a single person. Don't be shy. Go up to a group of people, say hello, and introduce yourself. If nobody recognizes you by your name, introduce yourself with your Twitter handle. You will instantly be recognized! Also, if your most favourite blogger in the whole world is standing two feet away from you, go say hello, and take a picture. I have yet to meet another blogger treat another person with disrespect. I've had good experiences with everyone I've met, and I've made great friends because of these conferences.

Bring business cards

This is pretty important. I always come prepared and bring a stack of business cards to hand out at blogging conferences. I hand them out to my friends, even if they already have a few dozen from me, I hand them out to new people I meet, I hand them out in the expo hall, and I hand them out to pretty much everyone I see.

Dress up... or down

So many people stress about what to wear to blogging conference... how many clothes they should bring... how many pairs of shoes they should pack... here's a not so-secret-secret: it really, truly doesn't matter what you wear. I mean, sure, please shower and don't come to sessions in your pj's, but other than that, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I often wear jeans and a cute top. And sure, I'll dress up a bit for the parties, but I always wear something I'm comfortable in. Oh, and here's another tip—pack a pair of flip flops of flats in your purse, because if you're standing all night in those killer heels you're going to want something more comfy to slip on as you dance the night away!

Come prepared

By this I mean—don't forget your iphone charger! Or camera! Or costume! Or cash for the taxi! And if there is someone you absolutely have to meet, or someone you need to connect with, make sure you have their contact information before you arrive at the conference. Even though BlissDom Canada is a smaller, more intimate conference, it can still be a little overwhelming.

Be prepared

When you're in a room full of bloggers, you're in a room full of iphones and cameras. Cameras that are taking pictures ALL THE TIME. So, just some advice... be prepared... and be camera ready!

Take time for you

I always take some time for myself at conferences. Whether you walk the city a little by yourself, go shopping (something I always make time for!) or take a nap in your room, it's important to unwind. Blogging conferences are very hectic and busy, so spending some time alone is important. Also, if you're like me, you'll miss your children so some quiet time to talk to them on the phone is essential.

Blogging conferences are all sorts of awesome. There is so much I've taken away from each one I've attended, like the relationships I've formed. If this is your first time attending BlissDom Canada, I hope you have an incredible time and I hope you come home with new ideas, new connections, and new friendships.

See you in a few days!

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Angella said...

Three sleeps! Can't wait to hug you! And room with you (again)!

I love that I made the photo roundup. ;)

Stephanie said...

See you soon my friend!!!

Avitable said...

I wish I was able to make it this year, but I almost overdosed on poutine last time. It's probably a good thing.

I'll come one of these years!

Chantal said...

lots of great advice. Have a great time. I can't wait to hear all about the fun you guys are going to have! Congrats on having your own session this year. That is awesome!

The Empress said...

Great advice.

It took me my 3rd conference to realize the "time for yourself" rule.

I do that now and it recharges me.

Good luck and can't wait to hear about it!

alimartell said...

FLATS. Yes. This. 100%

Also, so excited to see your face. SO, so much.

Canadian Dad said...

I will be the "don't know anyone in the room" guy and I was okay with that up until about 5 minutes ago, when I started to get the panic's.

I don't think anyone is going to be rude to me or anything, I just have a habit of saying ridiculous things when I get uncomfortable... I guess that would fall in the being myself category though :D

Can't wait to say hi this weekend!

Jennifer Levac said...

Great advice! Time for me is something I have struggled with as I don't want to miss anything but I have reminded myself I function better with sleep. I look forward to my second time at Blissdom Canada and hope to connect with some many great bloggers :) @GenuineJenn

JC Little said...

great advice especially the "time for yourself" - so important! I'm looking forward to meeting some Canadian bloggers IRL.

Loukia said...

Looking forward to meeting you!