Random Pieces Of Awesome (And Where You Can Find Me!)

Can you believe how quickly September has gone by? In just a few days, October will be here, and then before we know it, we'll all be talking about the holidays, the cold weather (wait—I'm already complaining about that, damn Canada!) and Christmas shopping. (I've already got my list...)

Anyway, things have been busy up in here, as things usually are in September. My boys have happily adjusted to the back-to-school routine, and after-school activities like swimming, and I'm loving that they're together in the same school, finally.

Things with me have been good, too. I went to the Madonna concert a couple of weeks ago and even though she was 2 hours late to hit the stage, it was worth it, because hello, Madonna. It helped that I was in a nice big box with my friends, with our own server, yummy food, and drinks flowing all night long.

Anyway, if I'm not blogging over here, you can always find me on my shopping blog where I write about a whole lot of things...

Like my post on fall fashion and what I think this year's must-have pieces are!

And about my experience co-hosting the Grand Opening of the newest department store in my city, terra20!

And about who I think wore it best at the Emmy Awards... and who I thought was Best Dressed.

And of course, I talked more about my experience learning about wine and winemaking after my evening with Wolf Blass.

I always have great giveaways on my shopping blog, too, like this one I had going on with Zutano.

Anyway, I'd love to see you visiting my shopping blog, and if you have any fashion or shopping related stories you want me to write about, just drop me a line and let me know.

I am going to get into planning mode for winter vacation soon—once I'm forced to stop wearing my flip flops it means I need a tropical destination vacation soon! It's almost that time, right?
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Stephanie said...

You have been one busy girl!! Oh and I am with you. I've been looking at flights to Florida for 2 weeks now:)

Chantal said...

you are busy busy! I was at Terra20 and saw you there. You did a great job!