Seven years ago today, I become a mother.

Seven years ago today, my life changed in ways I didn't even know were possible. Seven years ago today, we welcomed a perfectly gorgeous newborn baby boy into our lives. Seven years ago today, I inhaled the sweet smell of my baby boy, and vowed to be the best mother I could be.

I haven't slept in seven years, but it's been worth it. All those sleepless nights, all the nights filled with worry? Worth it. One hundred percent.

My seven year old is a fish in the water, and has skills in the pool that make me think perhaps being the mom of an Olympic athlete just might be possible.

My darling first-born son is a very sensitive child and has a heart of gold. Sure, he's a mama boy, although not as much as his little brother is. My seven year old is best friends (in the whole wide world) with his father. The bond they share is a special one.

My big boy, he's smart, beyond measure. I'm positive he has reached a higher level of understanding math than I ever did, so for math homework, to daddy he goes. But when it comes to reading, he turns to me. We snuggle up together in his bed and he reads with me, or listens to me read to him. Right now we're almost finished the Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing series, which he's loved.

He loves learning, and he's always asking questions. He knows more about World War II than most children his age, and there is almost no topic we won't talk about with him, if he asks. He's my little curious man. He gets it.

He's always kind, being awarded student of the month over and over again for Good Citizenship. He is witty, too, making us laugh every single day.

He's also the greatest big brother.

He refused to attend camp for his age group this summer, so he could be in the younger group in order to take care of his brother. As boys, they're rough with one another, they fight, and they're very wild. However, they're best buddies. Their conversations make my heart want to burst out of my chest.

My seven year old is also very close to my mother, father, and sister. We see my parents almost daily, and the bond my boys have with their grandparents (my in-laws and grandparents included) is a special one. I'm so thankful my boys are surrounded by so much love.

I'm amazed how quickly seven years have gone by. How bittersweet.

Seven years... from bulldozers and diggers to LEGO and Minecraft... can't wait to see what adventures this next year will bring us.

Happy Birthday, little boy.

Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know!
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Suzanne said...

Happy birthday to your big boy! It seems like only yesterday that I was calling you at home to congratulate you on his birth. My, how time flies! Lots of love to Big C!

Devan McGuinness said...

Happy birthday to baby boy!

Kristin Donahue said...

You have a beautiful family.

Abby said...

Aww, so sweet! He sounds so similar to my 6yo. I love the friendship my boys have with each other & their dad. I think you summed up motherhood best in these 2 words: worth it.

the mama bird diaries said...

Happy birthday to your son! Sweet pictures. xo