BlogHer, Take Three

Well, I'm back from my third BlogHer conference, and back from an incredible weekend in New York City.

There is always so much to process after returning from BlogHer. And a lot of sleep to catch up on. And a lot of laundry to do. Like, days worth. But hey, it's all worth it!

This was my third year attending BlogHer, and without a doubt, I'll be back next year for more. There is something about this conference that keeps me wanting more. There is never enough time to connect with all the people I love and am friends with, but it's just enough time so that when the conference is over, I realize how much I'm going to miss these fabulous 'online' friends I've gotten to know so well over the years.

I  attended BlogHer 2012 so I could see my friends, have a great time, learn a thing or two, and make new memories. I didn't even venture into the Expo Hall this year and as worthwhile as it is for BlogHer and for many attending, I spent that time on Fifth Avenue shopping in Saks with Ali and Jen and popping into Anthropologie, instead.

This year (not my) President Obama (how I wish he was!) opened up the conference with a live video chat. Bloggers are influential, smart, well-spoken, and clearly worth the time of the President of the United States of America. Hearing him address the crowd was pretty awesome. I saw Martha Stewart a few feet away from me, talking about her fabulous self and how she's not really bad at anything she does, making me feel pretty useless since I can't even cook a chicken, and I fell in love with Katie Couric, who made me crave a pair of Louboutin shoes real bad. The speakers? They were all inspiring. I sat with one of my favourite bloggers of all time, Liz, and with Stacy, my Mom 2.0 roomie. Thankfully, Marinka was nearby so I got to hug her real quick before Katie took the stage.

After pretty much the best night ever on Thursday, I woke up at 5 a.m. after a couple of hours of sleep to kick it with THE Rockettes. For the first time in my life, I packed running shoes in my suitcase, and ventured off to Radio City Music Hall to learn how to dance like a Rockette. It was... well, funny. And such a great experience!

Here are some things I loved about Blogher 2012:

My aweseome flight to NYC with my lovely friend, Ali Martell. Thanks to Ali I had no fear on the plane and we talked about apostrophe anxiety and how much we loved Mad Men for one hour, wondering why people don't still dress like Don Draper every single day of the year.

We also got to hang out with Justin Bieber at the Hallmark holiday preview party, and eat Christmas cookies.

Taking in the stunning New York City views. I've been to NYC six times, and I still cannot get enough.

Lunch at Sarabeth's near Central Park with my Canadian roomie Angella and Jen. Our waiter was shocked that we asked him how his day was going. "We're Canadian..." I told him.

Trying strawberry Pinkberry for the first time ever at the Sweet Suites toy party. (Thanks, Corine!) OMG. It's my new addiction, and sadly, it is NOT available in Canada.

Hugging Anna.

Hanging with my 2010 BlogHer roomie and good friend, Jessica. We had a great time and the talks we had were just... awesome. Like 2010, only the 2012 version.

Dinner at Tao with Titania and Jessica that took our night from good to fun-filled-too-many-drinks-consumed-incredible-conversation-with-tears-and-a-lot-of-laughter kind of awesome.

Seeing and talking and hugging so many fabulous, beautiful, smart people. Too many to name, of course, but here's a summary: Nicole, Tracy, Kate, Marinka, Jill, Karen, Sam, Elaine, Maria, Caitlin, Stephanie, Summer, Kat, Jen, Adam, Faiqa, Allison... the list goes on and on. I got to meet Burgh Baby, too, even though I don't remember, but here's proof:

That's a sign of a great night at BlogHer, no? Oh! And I finally got to hang out with Jim for more than one minute.

The entire conference was great. The city, the location, the people, the connections, the parties, the conversations, the quiet moments... everything.  It was wonderful.

I ended BlogHer 2012 hitting Duets in Koreatown for some karaoke. Duets was where we all ended up in 2010, but this year, I actually stayed more than ten minutes. Karaoke with a room full of amazing bloggers that lasted until 4 a.m. was a definite highlight for me. I got to the airport at 6 a.m., and somehow made it on the right plane home.

Was this conference worth it, worth three days away from my boys who were more than happy back home with their father and grandparents? Of course it was. Because I was happy, because I was learning, because I was doing something I love to do. Also because I was surrounded by some pretty great people who are smart, who are caring, and who get me. I love this community.

Till next year, my friends...

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Faiqa said...

Love you, lady, always so good to see your beautiful face! XO

Jill said...

Love the photos and glad to read you had such a productive trip! How is it possible I only saw you for 30 seconds???

Mama Kat said...

So much fun with you again this year Loukia!

Suzanne said...

Looks like SO much fun! Great post, Lou! xo

cfc said...

Yay Duets! That was fun.

Scary Mommy said...

Loved this! But, I didn't see nearly enough of you this year. :(

alimartell said...

I got to see tons of thankful for that. Also...the plane ride? BEST.

Angella said...

It was SO GREAT to (see you, and) have you as a roommate. You are pure sunshine, Lou.

See you in October! xoxo

Titania Jordan said...

So much fun. Always wonderful to spend time together. Lots of love to you!

Avitable said...

Some year you have to just realize that your kids won't even notice you're gone and stay for the long BlogHer experience, coming in Wednesday, leaving Monday, and having plenty of time to relax.

Stephanie said...

Love! Love that you got all that you wanted and needed out of BlogHer, that you are postive, smiling, happy and of course that I got to see you!
HUGS! Until next time :)

Kyla @ Mommys Weird said...

AMAZING! Blogging AND New York!? Heaven.

Megan said...

I missed Duets with you? I was so wiped from staying out until 7 am that morning (also at Duet)!

Glad I got a face to face with you. Maybe we'll even have a chance to talk next time.

Kristin Donahue said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think I'm going to go next year.


Burgh Baby said...

It was great meeting you, even if you didn't meet me!

tracy@sellabitmum said...

I so loved seeing you!!! Next year we really need to make time for shopping!! xoxoxo

Kate Coveny Hood said...

So glad I saw you there - but WAY too brief. Next year, we have to plan something in advance!

Beth said...

Super cute pics!!! You rocked it!

BusyDad said...

Actually it was 54 seconds by my calculations. We need a do-over.