Thanks, Dad...

Here's something I can finally admit, because I'm no longer a child. My father was always right, about everything. I've written about my mom before, but I don't think in all the years I've been blogging I have ever written in any length about my dad.

From the talks we'd have about studying harder, learning French, arriving to work early, not spending all my money on clothes and shoes and make-up,  and being respectful of others, he was always right.

We may have banged heads when I was growing up, and especially during my teenage years, but he's always been there for me. He is the one, after all, who put up with me while I learned to drive a stick-shift in a 1980 white VW cabrio, handed me the keys to my first car, and the one who was first on the scene of every car accident I have been in. (Not that many, but more than a few...) He never got mad at me, even when I was at fault, only caring for me, and not the reason behind the accident.

Since I've become a mom, he's proven to be the best grandfather there is, never missing my son's soccer game and coming over a few times a week to take care of my boys when I'm at work. If I can't find him inside my house, I find him outside, building new shelves in my garage, cleaning out my car, or pumping air back into my bike tires. He's come on many family vacations, and enjoys his time with my boys on the beach or in the pool.

He's always teaching them something, much like he would teach my sister and I when we were younger. Yes, I've got a lifetime of awesome memories of my father, and now, I love seeing the same thing with my boys and their daddy.

This morning my boys were almost more excited about spending quality time with their dad than they were with me on Mother's Day, but I don't take that personally. I love seeing the bonds that have formed already, and how much my boys look up to the man who loves them more than anything else on earth.

Happy Father's Day!
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Suzanne said...

I think that only as adults can we appreciate everything our fathers have done for us. Awesome post! xo

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Lovely tribute Loukia. Happy Father's Day to your men!

Japolina said...

Great father's day post.

Pamela said...

Awww, nice post Loukia. Your dad sounds like a very wise and very patient man. :)

Anna See said...

wow! what a great man!