June Days

Summer is here, and that means summer blogging hours have begun. I don't have as much time to read all the blogs I love, and I don't have enough time to write as often as I'd like, but for now, that's ok. I'm not going anywhere. Although things are not dreadfully busy at work since I found out I was a surplus employee, (meaning that I am essentially laid-off, but able to stay at my current place of employement for one year looking for a new job—yay me) I am still busy with all that other stuff—you know, life? Yup. Although I crave more time online, I don't go near my laptop when I'm home with my boys. I love just being with them, without any distractions. They are all the entertainment I need, after all.

I've been busy keeping my shopping blog up to date, writing about summer essentials and the top five family friendly places to travel to this summer, and much more. Go, read... I'll be waiting.

Since hot, sunny days are here, we're always outside. Bike rides, park visits, and swimming in the pool take up most of our time. My boys are like little fish, and it continues to amaze me how great they are in the water. My dream of getting the Olympic gold in swimming is a torch I can now pass down to my children. I kid... sort of.

My almost seven (seven!) year old loves playing soccer even more this year, and my entire family attends every game, cheering him on.

Is soccer not the greatest sport on the planet, by the way? I'm heavily invested in Euro 2012 right now, never missing a game if Greece is on the field, even if means leaving work and watching at a bar by myself. Although the dream of  another Euro Cup win for Greece is slim (to none), the dream was only that—a far-fetched one—in 2004, too. Soccer Gods exist, and anything is possible with this beautiful game, the best sport on the planet earth, with the most passionate fans ever. God, I need to be in Europe right now.

June also means end of year school festivals and preparations for the last day of grade one, and getting my four year old ready for his first year of kindergarten, just a few months away. In September, both my children will be in school, together. It's amazing, and bittersweet.

Week nights are spent with family, and friends, dinners around the table, and just general craziness. I'm thankful my family is so involved in our lives, feeding us almost every night (since my husband and I both work) and having a dad who takes care of anything house related, like fixing my garage, watering my plants, and pumping air back in my bicycle tires when I'm at work. Family rocks, and I'm so appreciative of the bonds we have. It makes working outside the home a heck of a lot easier.

Last week I was flown in and out of Toronto (with Porter, my favourite airline) for a Coppertone Canada event, and although it was short and sweet, much like my day trip to New York City in the fall, I got to catch up with Ali, Lena, Jen, Sandy and Reeva, which is always fun. And also, I'm now fully stocked up on Coppertone products so we're set for summer, sunburn-free, baby!

How's June been for you? Are we in agreement that it's a terrifically busy month?
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Suzanne McKay said...

Don't even BEGIN to mention September. I shudder!!! Let's just enjoy summer first... And fingers crossed for Greeeeeece!!!!

Kori said...

I'm the complete opposite since I'm a teacher. Love the photos! Hope you have a great day honey!

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Kori xoxo

writewrds said...

Go Greece! Hope you enjoy tons of fun in the sun with your beautiful guys!

Abby said...

My boys are fish, too. They actually take lessons at Michael Phelps' swim school here in Baltimore. We've seen him there before & been totally starstruck!

Happy Summer!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

So true about summer blogging. Since the twins have been home full time (and Oliver after tomorrow), there isn't any time to write. I can justify a little reading during lunch (like now) - but the concentration for actually writing something more than a comment isn't possible. Then in the evening, there is this husband guy who wants my attention... It's hard!

And I wish I could say that we'll be at the pool all day - but since we got a puppy, we're limited to shorter outings this summer. I see a lot of trail walks in our future!

By the way - I'm SO looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer.

Angella said...

I love that photo of you and your boys so hard. :)