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I love it when the city I live in does amazing things for the people in our community. This weekend, I'm invited to Billings Bridge Shopping Centre to take part in the Smile Shop. Of course, getting me to smile in a mall is not hard at all, but for this event? I'll be smiling even harder.

This Saturday, Billings Bridge is giving away $10,000 in gift cards to people in exchange for a good deed.

Marketing Director Greta Bloskie wanted to do something fun that would help inspire people to come to the mall to make a difference in the community at large. The Smile Shop will be making a lot of people smile this weekend, I can assure you of that.

Here's how it's going to work:

Visit the Smile Shop in Centre Court on Saturday, May 26th, between 11 and 3 and choose a small, medium, or large deed you'd like to do to receive a $10, $25, or $50 Billings Bridge gift card, while quantities last.

A $10 deed? Buy your friend a latte. Make breakfast in bed for someone you love. Hand over the remote for the night. Simple, right?

A $25 deed? Give someone a massage. Clean the house. Buy ice cream or flowers for a loved one. Win-win situation.

A $50 deed? Invite your friends over for a BBQ. |Better yet, have the inlaws over for dinner. Or, you could be really generous and let your best friend pick something from your closet to wear and keep for an entire week.

You're already smiling, aren't you? Of course you are, because when you do something awesome for those around you, you feel good, and naturally, you'll smile. And smiling makes you look good! Shopping makes you feel good, too.

After you choose your deed, just sign in to Facebook using the on-site ipads to commit to doing your deed for someone on your friend list.

You will then receive the gift card that matches your deed. Just post a picture that you did your deed on the Billings Bridge Facebook page by May 30th at 6 p.m.

The best part? For each post, Billings Bridge will also make a donation to the No More Bullies campaign.

You can tweet using the hashtags #smileshop and #nomorebulllies to help spread the word, because of course this is something to talk about!

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Canadian Dad said...

Totally Awesome! I can't make it on Saturday but I'll tweet about it for sure! Have Fun!

Princess Kate said...

What a fantastic idea. This made me feel good inside AND smile. Have fun.

becca said...

Seriously? That picture of your sons is priceless. Adorable! Have fun with the event...

Oh, and won't you enter Momalom's contest for your fellow Canadian company 3Sprouts? I'm sure you'd write something great about something Unexpected you've found as a mom. :) Check out here for details! Hope you'll enter.

Miss you!

the mama bird diaries said...

Sounds like a very cool event.
Could you be more photogenic?! My god, you're making the rest of us look bad.