On Being A Car Girl


The keys to my heart have always had the initials VW on them. I have loved Volkswagen since the days of the original Beetle!

I've been a car girl my entire life, mostly because my father owned a used car dealership that sold German-made automobiles. Yes, my love for the finer things in life came to fruition at an earty age. I loved hanging out with my dad, watching him sell cars, and my first high school job was working in a car dealership after school.

I'd dream about the day I'd finally get my license, so I could get behind the wheel of a a VW. I drove my first VW cabrio when I was 16 years old. On my 18th birthday, I got the keys to an Audi 5000, which was okay with me. I learned to really drive in that car, and of course, I got into a few accidents. Picture Cher from Clueless behind the wheel. Yup, that was me. Maybe still is, sometimes... ahem.

When it was time to retire that car, I was in the parking of my dad's dealership, trying to decide what car I would drive next. Of course, the choice wasn't up to me. My father had a couple of used cars in mind for his little girl. Both were red. One was a BMW. And one was a VW Golf.

My decision was made instantly. But once I actually drove that VW Golf? Mad love. It's still my favourite car. It's the car I love more than all the other cars I've owned, the car that drove me to and from university, and later, college, a few hours away. It's the car I really learned how to drive stick-shift in, and the car I had before I became a mom. It was the car of my youth, and I have so many awesome memories I associate with my little red VW Golf.

My next car? A Jetta. Almost equal love, because the ride was smooth, and perfect. Two children later, I upgraded to a Passat. This family car took us on road trips to Montreal, Mont Tremblant, and Toronto. It had enough space in the back so my boys were always comfortable, and safety-wise? Well, you simply cannot go wrong no matter what VW you get behind. I'm back to a stick-shift Jetta now; I bought my new silver four-door last spring and it's in great condition. You know, minus the old Goldfrish crackers and juice boxes you'll find in the backseat!

Of course, my husband is a proud VW owner, too. I like to think I had a lot to do with his purchasing decisions, since he's gone through a VW Golf GTI, a Jetta, and now, a brand-new 2012 Passat. Yup, we are a Volkswagen family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you're looking to buy a new or used car, get behind the wheel of a VW. I promise you, you'll fall in love, and then you'll be singing da-da-da... all day long. And can I just mention here how much I love the VW Darth Vader commericial? It's my favourite! There's just something so fun about being a VW owner, you know? If you don't know? You should find out.

Disclaimer: Volkswagen  Canada was kind enough to be my partial sponsor for the recent Mom 2.0 Summit that took place in Biscayne Bay, Miami. Thank you Volkswagen, my love for you is deep!
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Princess Kate said...

My first car was a royal blue 1969 vw bug. The best car I have ever owned. I grew up in that car. Now with 4 kids it's a Honda Van BUT some day I'm going back to that VW bug. Thanks for the review. I know exactly what you're talking about.

Suzanne said...

Hmmm...makes me want to make the switch from my giant blue stationwagon to a VW, lol!!! Seriously, though, I've only ever heard great things about VW, so they are certainly worth considering!

Lindsay said...

I will never ever ever give up my electric blue 1999 VW Eurovan. Ever. Husband wants a new car, but did I mention I'll never give my van up?!? Ha!