The Days Of Summer

There's nothing I don't love about summer, except maybe the insects. And I've already been stung once this year by a wasp, so I think I'm safe for the rest of the summer. I mean, there's got to be some unwritten rule that says you can't get stung more than once a year, right?

Summer is finally here, and that means my status updates will be annoying because they're going to be the same for the next several months, all talking about how much I love the hot weather and how I'm swimming in the pool, or at the park, or on vacation, or watching my son's soccer game, or going strawberry picking, or going for a bike ride, or going out with friends and enjoying drinks on a patio somewhere. Yes, summer, my favourite season of all, is finally here. And it's still only May. Pass the sunscreen!

This past weekend is a perfect example of how much I love the days of summer. My son had his first soccer game of the season, and even though there was a sudden thunderstorm, it was a fun night having friends over, getting ready, and walking over to the soccer field. Later, we went out for dinner for a birthday celebration at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant and on Saturday, it was swimming lessons for the boys, followed by a visit to a local fair, and an entire day spent in the pool with friends and family. I cherish these days.

My best friend drove into the city from Toronto for our annual girls weekend, too. We went out to say good-bye to our other best friend who is moving to Dubai with her family. Exciting times, but we're going to miss her. Of course, we now have a new place to visit, a place with amazing shopping, and hot days and nights. We stayed out way past our bedtime, and I'm still paying for it today, because no matter how many hours past my bedtime I go to bed, my boys will without a doubt wake up very, very early.

Sunday was all about hanging out with friends, enjoying an afternoon play date, visits to the park, and saying good-bye to my grandparents who are leaving for their annual summer vacation to Greece. My four year old decided he was going to leave with them in the morning, too, and packed his suitcase. He was a little upset this morning when I told him he could leave his passport at home because he wasn't getting on the plane today.

I love the days and nights of summer, the memories that are yet to be made, and what's to come. It's only the beginning...
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Angella said...

I LOVE summer too. Reason #472 why we're friends. :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You are such a summer girl! I feel the same way. Sweaters are cute - but I far prefer flip flops.

alimartell said...

Summer is totally my favorite too.