Family Day: You're invited!

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It seems like February is the busiest month of the year. Maybe because it's a short month, or maybe because keeping busy when it's so cold helps us forget how bad the weather is outside. I have Post-It notes everywhere to remind me of all things I will likely forget if I don't have constant reminders to look at. I'm happy it's a busy month, because it means we are one step closer to summer. (Call me optimistic if you will...)

I've been busy playing catch-up at home and at work, and staying on top of all the school and after school activities with my boys while trying to maintain a somewhat active social life. Also, can we talk about how hard it is to get six year old boys to focus on homework? It's not an easy task, let me tell you. I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to be, here or on my Yummy Mummy Club shopping blog, but I hope to fall into a more regular routine again once all this craziness calms down.

One of the things (and there are many things) I love most about blogging and being actively involved in social media is being asked to speak at and host events.

I was recently one of the featured speakers at the Mama Musings: Blog Edition event put on by Mom Cafe Ottawa, and it was a great honour to be speaking alongside the senior editor of The Ottawa Citizen.

In December, I was fortunate to host a really fun event in Toronto at the Pantages Hotel for the new ShopWise app by Yellow Pages.

On Family Day, February 20th, I'm going to be hosting the most fun family event ever taking place in the city: Old Navy's Funnovation Imaginarium at Old Navy in Rideau Centre.

Hosting an event with Old Navy? Somebody pinch me, please!

Here's what we have planned:

From 1 to 4 p.m., Old Navy is turning into the Funnovation Imaginarium, a place devoted to the imagination where the whole family can have fun together.

There will be tons of activities for the kids to enjoy, like a Funky Floor, where they'll be able to strut their stuff on the Crazy Catwalk, and they'll also be able to invent new machines, creatures, and fashion accessories in the Funnovation Lab.

There's also a Kooky Cookie and Juice Bar. Because hello... snack time is VERY important!

So while your children are busy having fun, you can have a sneak peek at Old Navy's new collection, and get a head start on your spring shopping! Oh, and there are swag bags and awesome discounts for you too. What's not to love about an event that is made for the entire family to enjoy?

Total bonus? You'll see some familiar faces there, including members of the Yummy Mummy Club! And you'll be toasty warm indoors, too! See you there.

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