January funk, and being happy

January is almost over. This is a very amazing thing, because it means the end of winter is near. Well, maybe not so close I can almost touch it close, but close enough to know that the worst is (almost?) over. I am in a funk, as is most often the case during these cold, dark, winter months. However, despite the fact that I've got a case of SAD and cry over every single commercial I see on TV right now, even if it's about getting an oil change, I'm happy.

I'm happy because my baby boy just turned four, and he had a wonderful birthday party with all the important people in his life there to celebrate with him. He even had a custom-made Home Alone 2: Lost in New York cake, since it's his most favourite movie, ever.

I'm happy because I'm reading The Hunger Games right now, and I can't put it down.

I'm happy because there are two more books to read in the trilogy so I am not going through "I'm almost finished this book, oh no!" anxiety.

I'm happy because after I'm finished that trilogy, I'm going to start reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, because I just saw the movie and it was beyond, beyond incredible. (And Rooney Mara totally deserves to win the Oscar for Best Actress.)

I'm happy because this morning my boys were in a fantastic mood (who said Monday sucks?) and because my four year old randomly said to me, after I kissed him: "I love you mommy, and I like how you smell." That right there made my day, and my week.

I'm happy because I was asked to be a speaker at this week's Mom Cafe: Connecting Inspired Moms, for Mama Musings, Blog Edition. (I am stressed, though, because I have to talk for 15 minutes, about myself, and um, that's hard!Also? I have nothing to wear.)

I'm happy because having nothing to wear at my event means I have no choice but to go shopping!

I'm happy because I am going on a much needed vacation (doctor's order!) to my favourite resort in south Florida at the end of this week with my mom and boys, along with my sister and her children. My boys and I are so excited, we've already started packing.

I'm happy that I don't have to cook tonight.

I'm happy that The Bachelor is on tonight, because my, what a train-wreck that show is!

What are you happy about?
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Avitable said...

That is an awesome cake!

I'm happy that I live in Florida and not in Canada, the freezing hat of the United States.

Chantal said...

That is a lot to be happy about Loukia! Yay you!

alimartell said...

That cake! Amazing!

tracy@sellabitmum said...

So much happy. Your post makes me smile! xo

Elaine A. said...

I'm happy FOR you! That vacation sounds fabulous!

Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

Isn't The Hunger Games amazing? And I just started reading the first Dragon Tattoo Girl book too. It's a little slow at first... but good so far!

Stephanie said...

That my dear is a very good list of happy! I booked my Florida trip too. 30 sleeps:) That makes me Happy!