Four, like that

I read once that time is like a circus, always packing up and moving away. How true this is. Time passes, things change. Children grow. Too quickly, if you ask me. And sometimes, I want nothing more than to just pause time, because I want to hold on to the now forever.

How quickly does time pass? In the blink of an eye. Today, my baby boy, who I could swear was just born yesterday, is four years old. FOUR. YEARS! OLD.

As I snuggle beside him, breathing in his delicious smelling hair, looking at his precious baby face, I can't quite grasp the fact that it's been four years since we brought him home from the hospital. I was a way more relaxed mom, the second time around. Sure, I sat in the back seat on that drive home, but I was able to sleep easier, and nurse easier, and basically, just go with the flow easier.

My baby boy makes me smile. I don't care that my boys have a late bedtime and I don't care that I'm still sleeping beside my four year old, every single night. I am pretty sure when he's older, he's not going to want to sleep with me. For now, though... as long as needs me, I'll be there. Even if it means sleeping on 1/4 of my big bed, with his feet in my face. The lack of sleep that comes with being a mom? I'm used to it!

Dimitry is a character, and I am sure he is destined for something great. He is an actor, a drama superstar. He can give you looks that will melt you, and he's got a way of always getting his way. He's stubborn! He knows what he wants, and what he wants? He's determined to get. (I've no idea where he gets this from!) The strictest of my friends try to say no to him, but even they can't do it. He's a heartbreaker, a mama's boy, a helper, and always curious.

He got a drum set for his birthday. He loves it. As loud as it is, I love it to.

He wants to be in a band, and loves to dance and watch his favourite movies like Home Alone and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He likes Curious George, probably because he's so much like that little, curious monkey.

He looks up to his older brother, and loves the company of older people. He would rather hang out and hear stories about days gone by from my grandparents than play with other children. He loves his family.

He will rub my back, smother me in sweet kisses, and let me win at Connect 4, because he just has that big of a heart. "Look, mommy, YOU won this time!" he'll declare.

My little D, though, he can be a trouble maker, too. He is very good at not listening!

"Just two more mittins, mommy, please?"
"Can I watch Home Alone: Family conditioner one more time?"
"Hey mommy? I love you. I'm just going to go get some chocolate, okay? Okay?"
"Hi, Ito, I love you!"
"Santa IS real. He makes presents in the factory!"
"I'm so proud of me!"
"I didn't do it on purpou, mommy."
"I know who Chris Columbus is. He makes movies. I love Joe Pesci!"

The love for my children keeps growing as each day passes, and I want nothing more than for my boys (and today especially, for my birthday boy) to follow their dreams with all their hearts. I'm always going to be here to encourage and support them, no matter what.

Happy Birthday, baby D! Mommy loves you SO much.
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Angella said...

Aw, this is beautiful, Loukia.

Happy Birthday to the both of you!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday!

wratwrds said...

Love this post, mom! : )
Happy Fourth Birthday, sweet boy.

Issas Crazy World said...

Happy 4th birthday to Dimitry!

Drums? Man you are brave. ;)

Nenette AM said...

So lovely, Lou! Happy Birthday, D! And congratulations to you too, Mama. You are fabulous!

ps - our 7- and 9-year-old babies still sleep with us once in a while too. goodness, I'll miss that when they're older and more independent. :)

Kim @The Fordeville Diaries said...

Such a beautiful post. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! And I hope you both enjoy that drum set :)

Sharon said...

Happy birthday to Dimitry!

Lady Mama said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy. You're right - it does go by so quickly and we really do need to savour those childhood moments as much as possible!

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Sweet, sweet post. Happy Birthday to Dimitry. Rock on, little man.

CaraBee said...

So sweet! It really is amazing how quickly the time passes. Four years goes by in a blink. Happy birthday (belated!) to your beautiful little boy!

andrea from the fishbowl said...

Happy birthday!
I loved four. I wish I could go back and visit when my girls were that age. It is so incredibly sweet. The kids really come into their own and their personalities truly shine. Enjoy this year Loukia!