Childhood celebrity crushes

Bloggers are awesome because we admit almost everything about ourselves for the entire world to read, no matter how embarrassing it is.

We love to share information about ourselves because we're all a little vain and we're all a little geeky. (I figured out I was sort of a geek at BlogHer 2010. Admitting you're attending a blogging conference out loud sort of confirms this fact.) Blogging allows us to connect to one another on a different level, making us feel not so alone after reading a post about depression, or a post about how tiring it is to be a new mom. Blogging is free, awesome therapy.

Blogging allows us to share pictures of ourselves that are really embarrassing and blogging allows us to admit things that hardly anyone else knows about us.

Things that now make us cringe.

Like childhood celebrity crushes. As weird as they may be.

I asked people on Twitter who their crushes were, and I got a lot of Shaun Cassidy, (hi, Megan! hi, Sharon! hi, Kathy!) John Stamos, George Michael, Johnny Depp, Jon Bon Jovi and Al Pacino—totally acceptable to me.

Here are my bizarre celebrity childhood crushes, that range from completey bizarre to possibly not that crazy.

Otis Lee

I think my first childhood crush was on Otis Lee. Otis Lee, the Cabbage Patch Kid.

Otis Lee, Otis Lee, got no hair, but he don't care, good old Otis Lee!

Yes, there was a song all about him.

He was the leader of the Cabbage Patch Kids gang, and he was sooo cool. I don't even know if I had a crush on him or if... I just... I don't know? Liked him as a friend? Oh, it's all so weird! But I have memories of Otis Lee, and dancing and singing to his song in my friend's basement when I was a little girl. Maybe he was my first crush, ever, even though he was a... doll?

Daddy Warbucks

Oh, Daddy Warbucks. He was so cool, so tough, so very lovable. He was the perfect daddy for Annie and he even gave her a gift in a little blue box. Not to mention the fact that he lived in the coolest house ever. He came across as this mean, snobby man, but he was really a kind-hearted man with the best bald head, ever. I cannot tell you how many times I watched Annie when I was a child. I know the entire movie off by heart, to this day. My three year old's obsession with watching Home Alone is almost as bad as my Annie obsession was!


Other people may have had a crush on Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties but not me! I liked Skippy, the sweet and geeky neighbour who lived next door who loved Mallory. Oh, Mallory... Skippy was so much sweeter than Nick!


I loved Growing Pains and I went through a Kirk Cameron phase—until his little brother grew up and then I was all pre-teen crushing on Ben. And remember that neck thing he's wearing? I had one too!


Remember Jonathan from Who's The Boss? He was so cute! And his hair! I think I liked all boys who had that hair style when I was 13. I also had a crush on Alyssa Milano and Tony Danza. How could you NOT love Tony Danza?


I used to be addicted to Happy Days. I was so excited for the end of the school day so I could rush home to watch it. I had a crush on Chachi, especially around the time he and Joanie were getting married. Sigh...

Of course, it was impossible to not fall in love with The Fonz, too. He was the bad boy in the leather jacket and motorcycle, who was also the guy you'd run to for help in any situation. He was the tough guy on the outside, with the heart of gold. And um, he really got around!

River Phoenix

River Phoenix (sigh) in Stand By Me. I loved his character so, so much. I guess I loved Wil Wheaton, too, looking back.

I'm sure there are more childhood crushes buried deep in my memory, but these are the ones I remember. Or at least, the ones I'm willing to share with you!

What about you?

Spill it... what posters covered your walls when you were growing up? Who was your embarrassing childhood celebrity crush?

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Kyla said...

Mine was all about the twins on THE HOGAN FAMILY!

p.s we never would've fought over the same boy at school.

The Mommyologist said...

I am loving your crushes! Skippy was the best one on that list.

Mine were Fred Savage, Jonathan Knight, Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, and now I have a thing for Zac Efron. You gotta love that most of my celeb crushes have been on gay men.

Anonymous said...

Daddy warbucks?!?!?!!? You are so funny! he was kinda hot though !

I loved loved loved ...... I mean Obsessively stalker-ish-ly loved Dylan McKay {Luke Perry}from 90210!!

jemrah said...

I've thought of a few more - Leif Garrett; Michael Damian (Y&R); Ricky Shroeder; Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon); Willie Aames (Eight is Enough); Rick Springfield (Jessie's Girl) :)

Avitable said...

Apparently you crushed on either bald or effeminate boys.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay, you had some funny ones- I can't lie! Oh Jonathan though...

Issas Crazy World said...

I had a few year love of Jason Preistly, which started when I was nine, so that's a bit odd. Ha.

I'm with you on Jonathan from Who's the Boss. God I loved that show.

The most important one though was Will Smith. That one's never gone away. Oh my future husband, he is so fine. ;)

SassyModernMom said...

LOL Oh I love this. It's all so true! Me, I was a Kirk Cameron girl all the way!

Angella said...

I had a huge 21 Jump Street poster of Johnny Depp.

(I, too, wore a bolo tie. WHY????)

designHER Momma said...

hands down, Ricky Schroder circ Silver Spoons.

Lady Mama said...

Oh this made me laugh - thank you! I needed that. I can understand most of them (except the cabbage patch doll - really?). I had crushes on the lead singer from Bros (you may not have heard of them - Brit band) and Jason Donavon! Oh the embarrassment. But like you said, where better to share these embarrassing things that on one's blog!

hk (: said...

Haha I love this post! Hmmm celebrity crushes... well I had little crushes, matthew lawrence from mrs doubtfire, richard thomas (john boy from the waltons), ryan kwanten from flicka (howard, katies brother), and finally, probably my only true celebrity CRUSH (almost obsession) - william moseley. William is peter pevensie from the chronicles of narnia movies... I STILL love him soo muchh! *blush*

hk (: said...

Ohhh and channing tatum... forgot him!! Ohhh he's soo bloody sexy

Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

Count me in with River Phoenix and Fonzie! Though I didn't crush on Skippy, I did kinda/sorta crush on Mark Price's character Eddie in the 80s horror film Trick or Treat :) (I always liked the punk, metal, hair band, and shock-rocker guys. Those were, and still are, the majority of my celebrity crushes!)