Blissed to the max


I have so many things to think about every time I come home from a blogging conference. The things I am thinking about are never about what I wore, how my hair was, or what purchases I brought back with me. Heck, in New York City during BlogHer 2010 I never even once went shopping.

That should tell you something, right there. For a girl who talks about shopping as much as I do, clearly there are other things that make me happy, make me feel fulfilled and purposeful, excited and determined. There is something (not including my children, of course) that leaves me feeling full of BLISS, and inspired.

(I know, Tanis, but it's true!)

BlissDom Canada.

Man, do I ever feel motivated to become a better blogger and writer every time my BlissDom Canada weekend is over. I'm still on a conference high a few days later.

Now, as someone who has been blogging for (almost) five years, I'm not really looking for ways to drastically improve my blog, since I've already been here a while. However, there are always lessons to take from the sessions I attend. Even the ones that talk about "Taking Your Craft To The Next Level", right, Angella? Being reminded how important grammar is, learning how to properly pitch a story to a magazine, nodding in agreement when we're reminded that personal blog posts are the most touching, and laughing through a panel moderated by the amazing Julie Cole, with Cocktail Deeva, Gail Vaz Oxlade and Patty Sullivan on the panel, talking (and never swearing, goodness no) about branding are some of the things I'll remember, but that's not even the best part.

The best part is the connections and reunions with the friends I've already made, have met before, or are just meeting for the first time. It's the moments that happen between sessions, after the parties, and late into the night. It's the ritual I share with someone at every conference, it's the wind blowing up a skirt as we talk (and talk, and talk) outside in the chilly night, it's the how-many-Oreo's-can-I-fit-in-my-mouth-in-30-seconds that I found myself trying to do in a hotel room with lots of other girls, feeling 14 again, that make BlissDom Canada so much fun.

Sure, it's also about learning and networking, and meeting brands that want to work with bloggers, (if that's what you want to do) but most importantly, for me, is the sense of belonging to the community I am proud to be a part of. Honestly. How many incredibly talented, smart, funny, gorgeous women did I just get to spend a few days with? A heck of a lot, that's how many.

I went out for dinner with bloggers I consider to be inspiring, and that was one of my favourite parts of the conference this year. Sure, I left before getting the chance to meet Jordan Knight (that's right, Jordan from NKOTB joined the annual costume party, that's how cool BlissDom Canada is!) but *I* had dinner with Catherine, Bon, Terra, Angella, Elan and Aidan. So there's that.

Last year I overused the word "awesome". This year, I'm overusing "love".

I loved the launch party at CBC headquarters. That was the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

I loved spending more time with Ali, even if we didn't make it to Yorkville (I'll be back!) and I loved how quickly the train ride to Toronto was, thanks to great conversations with Kelli, Candace, Krista and Maria. I loved seeing Stephanie again, and all the Mom Central Canada ladies, and I loved hanging out with Caitlin again at the Mabel Bliss party. I also loved seeing Alison again and catching up, even though it's never enough time .

I loved sneaking off with Casey to get some new pictures taken (she took the picture I have at the top of this post!) because well, she's amazing, sweet, and super talented. I couldn't not smile, you know?

I loved hugging each and every one of you, and I loved re-connecting with the YMC crew on Thursday night.

I guess it's safe to say that I loved BlissDom Canada 2011. It was all that and more. Like, poutine-beavertail-maple-cookies-covered in maple syrup good, yo!

See you all next year... I can't wait for more memories to be made.

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Angella said...

It was SO GOOD to see you. SO GOOD.

It was good to have that amazing dinner with you and our peeps at Chris and to catch up throughout our days and, and, and.

I heart you.

crazypants said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I wish I could have snuck up there with you girls. Glad you all enjoyed. :)

Make Mommy Chic said...

Hi Loukia, I've always wondered what these blogger conferences are like. Thank you for sharing your experiences and looks like you have tons of fun. BTW- i've noticed that you are in T,O a lot lately, you should move here. Your family would love it :)

Redneck Mommy said...

Was so great seeing you again my lovely. We didn't get enough time together. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. Smooch!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

it looks amazing! I want to go!

Shasher's Life said...

So.... how many cookies did you end up eating.... ;-P

I'm glad I got a tiny bit more time with you but not near enough.

Chantal said...

it looks to have been a wonderful weekend. Maybe I'll be there next year :)

Rebecca said...

You were an awesome Roomie ;) Such a great experience!!! said...

Seems like you had a fabulous time! One of these days, I will attend a conference

alimartell said...

First of all, that photo? AMAZING. So, so so pretty.

It was wonderful to see you and spend time with time? YORKVILLE! Wheee!

SassyModernMom said...

Oh I loved seeing you again!!! Thank goodness for the cookie party b/c I just did not get enough time with you") Sending hugs!

Avitable said...

Yeah, yeah, rub it in.

Elaine A. said...

If it's as wonderful as the Blissdom here in the U.S., I KNOW what you're saying.

And that photo Casey took of you is A-MAZING!!! Gorgeous lady! :D

Krystyn said...

Wow! That looks like it was such a great time! Thanks for sharing your experience and great photos, too.