10 years ago today the world changed for us all. Every since that fateful day, I think of things as "before" and "after". The horror of 9/11 has had a ripple effect on everybody, even on children who weren't born yet.

My boys have asked questions about the framed poster of the twin towers in our basement and we've had to explain to them the best we can why those towers are no longer part of New York City's landscape.

They're reminded of that day when we travel, like the time they had their liquid-filled rubber balls taken from them because the balls were considered a 'threat'. Try explaining that to a two year old.

They are reminded of that day when they have to take off their shoes as they walk through security at the airport. Each time, my youngest child cries, not fully grasping why he has to do this. Each time, it breaks my heart. This is nothing to complain about, really, as I put our safety above all else; it's just a tiny example of how everyone's lives have been changed, somewhat, because of that day.

10 years ago I got up and went to work, just like everybody else. I didn't have any babies to kiss good-bye back then, though. But so many others did. They couldn't imagine those good-bye kisses were going to be their last to their beloved children. Those children didn't think it was the final good-bye, either. But it was, all because of that horrific day. I think about the innocent lives lost all the time.

I think about the fear we all felt as we watched the twin towers collapse. I think about the people who died, the people who lost their lives trying to save others, and the victims who were left without a husband, a wife, a mother, a father, a child, a sister, a brother, and a friend that day, and I think about how they have had to adapt to a 'new' normal, a new life they never asked for. I will always keep them in my thoughts and prayers, along with so many others.

I think we absolutely have to reflect back on this day, and say a prayer or two, even if we're not really the praying type, for the lives lost, for the lives changed, and for everyone in general.

Also in my thoughts and prayers tonight is fellow blogger Anna who lost her child in the flash floods in D.C. a few days ago. I have been thinking about her since I heard about her terrible loss. Her pain and suffering is something no mother should ever have to experience. As a mother, my heart is bleeding for her, and for her family. She is my prayers tonight.

Life is precious, and fragile. And we should be thankful, and cherish every single second.
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Ann Imig said...

There aren't enough prayers today.

Thanks Loukia.

Working Mommy said...

What a heart always breaks when my kids cry - it just tears me up. Thank you for sharing!


Shell said...

Sending so many prayers.

I think that's the hardest to accept- when someone is just going about their every day life and loses someone like that...

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Yes - so fragile. And precious. Whenever I hear about a tragedy and feel grateful for the safety of my own children, I always think of it as "this one more day". Every one of them - days, children, days with our children - is a gift.

Love to you and your precious boys.

Anna See said...

thank you.