My interview with Roller Girl at TIFF

I've always been fascinated with Hollywood. After university, I applied to intern at various news stations like CNN, NBC, and CBS in Washington, D.C. I was accepted to all, and chose CBS. Looking back, I'd have chosen CNN, but as a 20-something recent graduate, picking the location with the shortest subway ride to and from the news station made a lot of sense to me.

After that, I interned at Entertainment Tonight in Hollywood, California, which was a huge dream of mine. I was completely in awe from the second I walked onto the Paramount Studios lot, blown away by the constant action, and the television and movie sets. I didn't meet anyone famous unless you count Mary Hart, but I did drive up to the Hollywood sign and imagined one day owning a house there. (I'm now aware that not all dreams come true.) I loved Rodeo Drive as much as I thought I would, and I sat in Mary Hart's chair a few times. I left the internship early, to take a job I was offered in radio back home.

I am still fascinated with everything having to do with the entertainment industry. Especially good movies and the way everything comes together - from the writing, to the directing, to the editing and costume design.

A few days ago, I was in Toronto (second weekend in a row - I wish I could teleport myself there every weekend!) for TIFF - the Toronto International Film Festival. I was invited by Erica Ehm (my awesome "boss" over at Yummy Mummy Club) and Eden Spodeck, to attend the film screening of The Flying Machine, a very cool, very artistic 3-D live action/animation film starring Heather Graham. Yup, Roller Girl herself. (She's also starred in Drugstore Cowboy, Twin Peaks, Swingers, Boogie Nights, Austin Powers, and The Hangover.)

How was I going to turn down an opportunity to be in Toronto during TIFF, for a film screening, complete with photo op and interview with Heather Graham? I simply had to go!

(I have to say that Heather is stunning in person, and for 41 years old? She looks especially good. She's super tall, and of course, super lean and thin.)

I got in my car at 6 a.m. and drove straight to Toronto, picking up my best friend along the way. I made the trip in record time and we made our way to the theatre, where all the action was. It was so cool just being there, and I think at one point I was even standing beside Robert Pattinson, who was on his bike, wearing red Converse sneakers and a gray sweater. By the time we realized it might have been him, he was gone, just like... Edward Cullen. Ahem. No sparkles, though.

At the theatre, we met up with a few other bloggers and sat down to watch the movie in a VIP section (it was taped off, and it was in the same row that Heather sat in - a few seats away from me. Note to self: Heather did not eat the popcorn.)

The Director and Producer of the film spoke a bit before the movie started, along with Heather. I wasn't sure that actors actually sat down and watched their movie with everyone else, but they do, and well... neat! Also, awkward!

I thought The Flying Machine was a very artistic, family-friendly film, My full review will be posted on Yummy Mummy Club!

After the movie ended, I had to go the washroom (as if I was going to walk out DURING the movie, with Heather sitting like, next to me, practically!) and as I walked across the hall, who did I see up close and personal, giving a press conference to a room full of people? JAMES FRANCO. Yup. I took a quick picture with shaking hands, and had to go outside for some fresh air. Problem was, it was HOT outside! Anyway, I digress...

I didn't have as cool an experience as other bloggers I know, who actually interviewed and were in the same room as GEORGE CLOONEY, Ryan Gosling, and Roberg De Niro, but it was an incredible experience nonetheless!

The Flying Machine was a really interesting movie. An adventure, if you will, combining 3-D stop-motion animation, live action, and the music of Chopin. Acadamy Award winner Hugh Welchman, famed pianist Lang Lang, and Heather Graham did a great job making and starring in this movie.

After the movie, we attended a private press conference in the Hyatt - just a handful of other bloggers and myself - and Heather Graham. We asked her questions, had a few laughs, and took some pictures. She was very nice and sweet. I asked her what movie she liked being in the most, hoping she'd say License to Drive. However, she liked them all the same.

After the interview, my best friend and I went to Yorkville to have lunch on a patio so we could people watch. I don't know if we saw anyone else famous, because everyone always looks like someone famous in Yorkville. It was such a great afternoon!

Next year, I am going to TIFF for the entire festival! The 10 hour drive to and from Toronto in one day was well worth it for me!
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The Empress said...

You won't believe me when I tell you Heather Graham grew up 10 mins from my home?

She did.

She is beautiful.

Not as pretty as you, but she'll do.

A Mommy in the City said...

Great picture of you two. Sounds like the drive was worth it!

Suzanne said...

I had an awesome day with you! What an experience! Loved every moment!!!!

Chantal said...

Good stuff Loukia. Sounds like a ton of fun!