August 1st, 2005.

Before, and after.

Nothing changes a person like the day they become a mom for the first time. My life completely shifted the day my son was born. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, I just didn't know how powerful the love would be. I was in a definite zombie-like state for at least the first six weeks, scared even to sleep, for fear of something happening to my baby.

I look at my child, still very much my baby, and am amazed at the things he knows and understands. While he loves to do normal six year old things like build with LEGO, make sand castles on the beach, read books, play with his army people and master Angry Birds better than his parents, he's different. He's wise, wise beyond his years.

"In World War II, moms and babies and people who were not bad died, too, right mom? How did Hitler die? Why was there a war?"

(I usually tell him to ask his father when the questions are too hard for me to answer.)

"Mom, what exactly did Einstein invent?"

(Dear God, you never told me I'd have to answer these types of questions!)

"Mom, do pregnant people have to go to jail, too?"
"Yes, sweetie,"
I replied.
"Then what happens to their baby after?"

(This is where parenting gets hard...)

As the days and years go by, not only does my love grow for my children, but I realize more and more that parenting is not easy. It's rewarding, sure, but it's also very challenging. It's a 24 hours a day job, but a job I am very thankful for, every single day.

My first-born son is compassionate and loving, doting on his baby cousins, taking care of his little brother.

This morning, the two of them were fighting.

"Why is Chirstos only nice to me when we're at camp, mama?" my little Dimitry asked.

This made me smile, because I know how much his brother looks after him when I'm not around. I see him, a pro in the swimming pool, cheer on his little brother as he swims across to the deep end, without floaties on, proud smile on his face.

He knows the Elements, and asks me which one my favourite is.

"Um... diamond?" I respond.

"MOM! Diamond is not an element!" he'll laugh at me.

My big boy is now six - SIX! years old. I still can't believe it myself. How does time go by so quickly, and why isn't there a pause button?

Yes, my son is six. Starting grade one in a month. And I am just... in awe of him. And of course, worried. But I know there is nothing we can't handle together.

Happy Birthay to my beautiful little boy... I love you (and your brother!) more than you'll ever know!
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crazypants said...

Happy happy birthday Christos! How they grow so fast! I always love to see all the cute things your wonderful boys say. C is definitely an inquisitive little man, and it's been a pleasure to watch him (and D) grow over the past couple of years. They are lucky to have such a great Mom!

Make Mommy Chic said...

Gorgeous post Loukia. My baby (oops, not so much baby anymore) turned six last May. I keep telling him to stop growing and stay 6 forever, and his response is always, okay Mommy, i'll stop growing when I"m 7, okay? And, when I see my two boys playing together it melts my heart. Thanks so much for the post :)

Nenette AM said...

Happy Birthday, Christos! Where did the time go, Loukia?! Six!
Such a beautiful post and a wonderful look back.
You know, I think he'll be 40 with a family of his own, and you'll still be calling him your baby. I know I will with mine. :) xoxo

blueviolet said...

How does the time flutter by that way? He's truly a darling little guy. Happy Birthday to him!

So sweet to hear about his brother love too!

Shell said...

Happy birthday to your big guy!

It's so amazing how quickly time passes!

katerina mertikas said...

happy birthday sweet Christaki
you are the sweetest, cutest, smartest little one, I hope to be invited to many many more of your birthdays !!love yiayia k

Elaine A. said...

Happy Birthday to him! He definitely sounds like a smart little guy. I hope he always keeps that curious side.

And aren't brothers just the sweetest? :)

Abby said...

Happy Birthday, Christos! Wow, those questions are some real stumpers. I read somewhere that Leighton Meester was born in jail. :)

Lou said...

Such a lovely post, birthdays are definitely times we sit back and contemplate about how quickly they grow and how amazing it is that they seem to know so much at such young ages. I always thought about my daughter's birthdays in much the same way, thinking about how big she was getting, how smart and where will it all lead to? My little girl is now 36 and a birthday coming up in less than 2 weeks and I am thinking again about all the years, all the birthdays and what a lovely young lady she has become. Being a parent is an amazing experience and it keeps getting better as you watch them grow. Enjoy all the birthdays!