Reasons to celebrate

As a mom, I find reasons to celebrate every single day. I'm a very enthusiastic person, to say the least. I started doing a happy dance complete with jazz hands the first time my oldest son wrote his name by himself. I'm the loudest cheerleader at my children's swimming lessons, or when I'm watching my son play soccer. "YOU KICKED THE BALL! IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! GOOOOOO CHRISTOS!" Yeah, you could say I'm overly enthusiastic and always in the mood to celebrate my children's little—and big—victories.

I am always proud of my children. Well, except when they say bad words in public, really loudly, or throw epic temper-tantrums in the grocery store. At times like those, I don't feel much like celebrating. At times like those, I want to to disappear into a black hole.

But I digress... We're talking about celebrating, right?

Here's a reason to celebrate: I've been selected to work with Mom Central Canada as part of the KINDER Mom ambassador program. Me and chocolate working together? That is a beautiful thing. Me and chocolate my children absolutely love working together? Even more of a beautiful thing! Kinder Surprise has recently been re-lauched—same great chocolate taste, but this time, bigger, better, and more playful toys than before—as if the chocolate wasn't enough of a treat, right?

Kinder Chocolate has been around since 1968, but my first memory of Kinder Chocolate was when I was six years old, during a summer vacation in Greece. It was a treat I always looked forward to every time we'd go to Europe. Whenever I indulge in Kinder Chocolate today, I'm reminded of summers in Greece, and of my youth. I dare say it has kept me young... at heart! And in spirit, of course.

I love treating my children to Kinder Surprise, and not only during Christmas and Easter, but whenever I feel the need to celebrate.

Like when my son graduated from kindergarten, or when he was the "Student of the Month" several times throughout the year.

Or when my three year old took off his floaties and swam underwater in the deep end a few months ago, to be like his older brother.

Or the time my youngest son drew his very first stick person.

Or when I see my boys playing happily together, or with their cousins.

Of course the biggest celebrations are celebrated through hugs and kisses, but a chocolate treat always brings on huge smiles, too!

This summer, I celebrated extra time off work with my family. Whether on our vacation to Maine, sunny days spent by the pool, or afternoons at the museums, I enjoyed every day. I celebrated my new nephew being born, BBQ's and evenings out with friends, and a blogging conference in San Diego.

How have you been celebrating this summer? What are you looking forward to celebrating in the coming months?

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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Everything Mom and Baby said...

Loved your post :) So sweet.
Showing you some fellow KinderMom love.
Have a great day and I'm a new follower of everything here! LOL!

Stephanie said...

Oh such a sweet post! Yeah for Kinder!

EatPlayLove said...

Does this mean you are sharing the love? Because I LOVE KINDER... especially KINDER Bueno... my oh my. Congrats!

Nolie said...

What a sweet post. Love reading your blog posts about your children as it just shines how much they mean to you and what an amazing mom you are.

Make Mommy Chic said...

Hi Loukia, I can definitely see you as 'enthusiastic'. I think that you and I would be the craziest moms on the soccer field. Love this post- as I work in Estates (looking at death certificates all day) I've really learned to value every day as it comes and to celebrate even the littlest things (like my son going pee in the potty- the celebration there is like if we won the lottery!). Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love Kinder. I always had Kinder eggs when I'd visit family in Germany. I wish they had it in more places!

Bees With Honey said...

I love how upbeat and energetic and positive you are. You are a great mom and I love the quality time you spend with your boys.

I love celebrating with my kids too.

Oh, and btw,
Who doesn't love chocolate?