Friday, June 17, 2011

Motherhood is...

Motherhood is a million different emotions exposed every single day.

Motherhood is letting your toddler use your dress as a Kleenex, and being okay with the fact that you're walking around in public very stained.

Motherhood is reading 10 books at 10:30 p.m. to a three year old who will not fall asleep, no matter what.

Motherhood is saving the last bite for your child.

Motherhood is trading your awesome French Vanilla ice cream (sigh) for the Superkid flavour.

Motherhood is sliding down a metal slide in a too short dress and feeling the burn, just because it makes your child laugh.

Motherhood is sleeping only five hours a night for over five years, and not even caring anymore.

Motherhood is waking up in a panicked state, remembering the school bake sale the next day.

Motherhood, in turn, is baking cupcakes at midnight.

Motherhood is sharing a knowing look with your child, and receiving smiles that melt your heart over and over again.

Motherhood is grinning and bearing it.

Motherhood is exploring your surroundings, and spending hours collecting the perfect sea shells.

Motherhood is going pee with a baby in your arms, and a three year old at your feet, in a tiny airplane bathroom.

Motherhood is losing five pounds from the stress and sweat of travelling solo on an airplane with little children.

Motherhood is your first prescription of Ativan.

Motherhood is waking up multiple times a night to make sure the children are covered, to re-fill water glasses, and to escort sleepy little people to the bathroom.

Motherhood is not wanting to give up co-sleeping, ever.

Motherhood is knowing the words to all the songs your children love and singing along with them, even if people in other cars look at you like you're weird.

Motherhood is listening to these songs even when your children aren't in the car with you.

Motherhood is being able to multi-task. No - really multi-task.

Motherhood is coming up with a brilliant plan moments before an epic battle erupts between siblings. (It usually involves chocolate.)

Motherhood is discovering two raw eggs broken in your Louis Vuitton purse.

Motherhood is never missing your son's soccer game.

Motherhood is determination.

Motherhood is feeling such an intense feeling of pride when your child even runs the right way after the ball.

Motherhood is never ending laundry.

Motherhood is creative meal ideas and always having Nutella in the house.

Motherhood is Happy Meals.

Motherhood is having a hard time losing those last five pounds...

Motherhood is knowing your children so completely and loving them with all your heart and soul.

Motherhood is being constantly amazed at the things your children say and do for you.

Motherhood is changing sheets at 1 a.m.

Motherhood is learning new things, seeing things in a different light, and appreciating construction zones. After all, you now know the difference between a digger and a bulldozer.

Motherhood is getting emotional over every little thing, and sharing a special bond with other moms.

Motherhood is a non-stop, never-ending job.

Motherhood is simply awesome.


Nikosmommy said...

So true! You nailed's all these things and MORE!

Anathea said...

Beautiful post that sums up motherhood perfectly: the great, the good, the bad and the ugly. Wouldn't trade it for anything!

torel233 said...

I love your post and it all rings so true. I especially like the part about listening to the kids music in the car even when they are not there, That cracked my up because I do it all the time. I usually figure out when I am almost home that I have been listening to the kid's cd for my entire "solo" journey (which are few and far between).

Makyo said...

Beautiful! I love everything about this.

A Mommy in the City said...

Great post! You captured the joy of motherhood so well!

Marinka said...

Amen! It's never ending, isn't it? And so, so awesome!

Mercy D'souza said...

So accurate. I think I've done all that, except the flying bit. Have yet to take my kids on a plane, but I have done the pee-with-kid-in-arms bit many times.

Nenette AM said...

You said it, my friend. :)

Abby said...

Love it! You definitely captured how it's a 24/7 gig & that even when your kids are asleep or elsewhere, they're always on your mind.

But raw eggs in a Louis Vuitton purse?!

Suzanne said...

Waahhhh!!! I loved this! Especially the one about "peeing with a baby in your arms and a 3 year old at your feet in a tiny airplane bathroom" ;) Nothing better in the world than being a mother. Nothing.

Menage-Pro said...

This post really hits everthing on the head in regards to parent hood.

Its easy to get bogged down with the cleaning and frustrating times, but the good times totally outweigh it.

Janey said...

First time reader here. This post made me smile. Scratching my head about the two raw eggs broken in your Louis Vuitton purse though...

K said...

What a fantastic, thoughtful list! Abby Off the Record gave us the link on her post to this post, and I am so grateful she did. :)

murphymusthavehadkids said...

I just found you. I love the line about not sleeping for five years and not caring anymore. I'm at 4.5 years and I just stopped caring. lol

Ménage-NRJ said...

I am not the only one to feel love for my children in this way, when I put my little cabbage at school I look forward to returning in the evening to take them back.

Ménage-NRJ said...

I am not the only one to feel love for my children in this way, when I put my little cabbage at school I look forward to returning in the evening to take them back.

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