Celebrating Summer

"Mommy, can you stay home again today?" my five year old asked me yesterday morning as I was making his snack for school. He was busy colouring in his new Egypt colouring book we bought at the museum gift shop the day before. I was floored. Usually, my big boy blows me a kiss and barely has time to say good-bye to me when I leave for work.

That awful feeling of mommy guilt hit me like a ton of bricks. I ran upstairs to kiss my three year old good-bye. "Mommy, you no work today, right?" he looked up at me with his big, gorgeous, brown eyes.

I gave him the biggest hug I could, and told him I'd see him after work. I promised him I'd print him off a few pictures of Marv and Harry (you know, the bad guys from Home Alone?) because he's obsessed with that movie, and that made him smile.

Tuesday was one of those perfect summer days—I took the day off work and spent it with my boys. We went to the children's museum where we stamped our passports at different destinations around the world, explored Egypt, loaded cargo on the giant ship, and shopped for fresh fish in Greece. We made a few crafts in China, and then enjoyed a nice lunch of pogo sticks, french fries, and salad overlooking Parliament Hill. We frequent this museum often, and each time we go, we have a great time.

After the museum, it was time for kindergarten for my big boy, so off to school we went—we were the first to arrive, so the boys got to play outside before school started. After, I went grocery shopping, took a break with my baby boy, played in the backyard, and cleaned the house. I felt like the perfect stay-at-home mom. If only it was like this every day, I thought to myself.

"Don't you wish you could just lay down in the big, fluffy clouds?" I asked my five year old after school, on the drive to my sister's house. "Mommy. You'd fall right through!" he replied to me, "Because clouds are just made up of water particles."

The conversations I have with my boys make me smile all day long. The conversations I hear between my boys, when they don't even know I'm listening, make me smile even more.

We arrived to my sister's, where everyone was meeting to swim the night away and to enjoy a BBQ dinner. I love swimming with my boys—and this year, I'm truly amazed at how awesome they are in the water.

Summer days are filled with so many awesome things. My almost six year old had his first soccer game of the season a few days ago—he was so anxious to get on the field, and the shy guy at the beginning of the season last year was nowhere to be found.

I love everything about summer, even though it's been so busy I barely have time to blog. End of school parties, soccer games, swimming lessons, and evenings at the park and in the pool... I WISH I had the entire summer off to spend with my boys every day. However, I'll be taking off two days a week for two months starting at the end of July. If I could figure out a way to make that a reality year-round, it would be great.

Another reason I love summer? Vacation time! We're going on a road trip to Ogunquit, Maine soon. Over seven hours in the car with my boys should be... interesting. Thankfully GM Canada is hooking us up with an awesome mini-van with built-in DVD players, so that should help pass some of the time, right? Also, frequent stops. For our sanity, and for the children's sanity!

Summer is also all about backyard BBQ's. Very frequent backyard BBQ's. Right? How about some awesome BBQ gear to help you enjoy summer even more that valued at $100? Pretty awesome, huh?

The Celebrate Summer Giveaway (thanks to my friends at Life Made Delicious) includes:

Barbecue Utensil Set
Paper Plates
Colourful Napkins
General Mills goodies from:
Old El Paso
Cheerios (including Chocolate Cheerios!)
Fibre 1
Betty Crocker
Nature Valley

Sorry, this giveaway is only open to Canadian residents. I'll pick a winner randomly on July 7th!

YUMMY! Now you can have an awesome party in your backyard and invite all your friends—no more excuses!

I hope you're all enjoying summer so far. It's the little moments—the laughter in the pool, the walks around the block, the after dinner bike rides and visits to Dairy Queen—that are memories to cherish.

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angela auclair said...

i read, i read!!
the little moments are the best:)

and great contest!

CMURPHY said...

I'm gearing up for a road trip to PEI soon and excited and anxious all at the same time. I love summer! I love being a SAHM & also have 2 amazing boys of my own. I try to take every day like a new and exciting day! Great blog & photos :)

marlibu said...

Aww what a wonderful post! I'm so happy I clicked on your link from twitter.

I love summer because everyone comes out of hibernation. I love the after work margaritas on the patio. The frequent visits from the icecream truck. The family picnics at the park on the weekend. I love taking the kids to the park and the sunny strolls. I love celebrating my birthday (in August) with yummy bbq and icecream cake! Yum

Yes I do love summer too!

Cdngirl said...

Great blog post and photos! These moments are precious and we need to make the most of them every day. Enjoy your sweet angels and have a great summer!

We are hoping for some fun BBQ time in our new home too (when we finally get some grass)!

Elaine A. said...

Ah Summer, if it wasn't for the 100+ temps we get here, I'd be for year-round Summer! ;) Glad you had some extra time with your little guys. xoxo

Nikosmommy said...

Every night after dinner I take my boys to the park and then (drag) them for a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood. Then they play in the backyard till bedtime. I LOVE summer! I just wish we had warmer weather here in Calgary!
Off to Greece next month...can't wait for the heat and the beach!

Anonymous said...

Fun post!- Gina

heatherty said...

Great post. Struck a chord with me too, as I return to work in a week after my year off. :( So incredibly sad about it, but will remember to hold on to the little moments!

Anonymous said...

my nephew said to me the other day "It's so hot outside.. We should have a house made of snowmen".....

It's times like this that kids are stress dissolvers....

- Steph Kersey (kowpr)

freeshopper said...

I love going to the spray park with my kids or kicking the ball outside with them. There is great weather and great food, so lots to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Great post... It made me happy. Reminded me of just a few years ago when my first was in kindergarten and how that was really the start of the really entertaining times. The times when they look at you lime your crazy when you say something magical like "Laying in the clouds". It's sad because they're growing up, but good because it's so friggin funny.
Every year gets more and more fun with my kids (and equally frustrating of course) and I'm going to enjoy the time I have with them because I know they'll be running off to hang out with someone cooler than mom and dad soon enough.
So yeah... Hook me up with some cool BBQ swag, cause my kids love it as much as me. Keep the good times rolling! :)

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

OMG I can't believe how big they are!! I am so sorry I have been a bad bloggy friend, I am incredibly behind on my visits and comments!

Blog is looking great, sweetie :-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yes, i love summer months too! I am blessed to be able to be home with the boys all summer. I think taking a day or two off each week is a great idea though!

RJ said...

I have days like that, too. Ones where I crunch numbers the next day to see if I could stay at home. I'm learning to savour them just like you did.

Here's to more perfect summer days! (and maybe something to happen that allows us to be home more)

Belinda M said...

I can't wait until my vacation this summer when we pack up the car and make our way out to Calgary to visit family. It has been years since we have been to visit and my son can't even remembering going. He will have a blast!


Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

I think that's great you're taking some time off this summer!! I hope you have so much fun! I'm working a little bit more this summer, and hoping I don't regret it...

Also, that sounds like an awesome children's museum!

P.S. -- Don't count this comment for your giveaway, since I'm not in Canada. Darnit.

ModernMom said...

Oh you summed up a perfect Summer day! I'm with you, the little moments that we grab hold of in the summer are the best. The unplanned water fight, the dripping popsicles, the late night movies and poopcorn, the BBQs with good friends! Bring on the summer.

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

I love summer for so many reasons!! Swimming is a big one for us. Peanut is such a water baby! I'm (obviously) not eligible, but great giveaway!

Glogirl said...

I love summer and am already making good use of our BBQ! Tried BBQ'ing chicken tonight and it was good!

(e-mail is in profile)

CaraBee said...

I love all of the activities we can do in the summer. The heat? Not so much. But playing at the park, going to the pool, going to the beach, riding bikes, eating watermelon in the backyard, the ice cream truck: are all wonderful. Still, I thank god every day for air conditioning. :)

Dianne said...

I liked the part about falling through the clouds. Kids say such cute things, with such thought.
I love making a picnic lunch and giving each of the grandkids their own special day of attention. We play at the playground and feed the ducks and just enjoy watching the birds and spending time together.
I also like just opening all the windows wide and letting in all the fresh air.
Summer is my favorite season.

Anonymous said...

I love summer too - and this contest!
Your photos in this post are delicious. :)

Lots of fun ahead of us this summer including road trips, invites to cottages and general fun in the sun.

Skees said...

I love summer and so does my DD4 whether playing outside or going camping it is the best.

RJ said...

I'm taking 6 weeks off this summer to be home with my kids. I plan to do a lot of fun stuff - waterpark, bird sanctuary, sprinklers, beach - a few trips out each week for some exploring!