You've got mail!


I first found out about email during my first year of university. I was sitting at the computer with my future husband, listening to him explain it to me, and showing me how to use it. I remember being completely against the idea of sending messages to people through a computer.

"I'm never going to use email!" I declared, and walked away.

A few of my friends had gone away to university, and I stocked up on nice writing paper and pens eager to start writing letters to them. Checking the mail box was fun, and new letters would arrive weekly—pages of hand-written letters from my closest friends, with juicy details about their first year in university and about their experiences living on their own.

Eventually, though, I gave in. I got my first email account through the university I was attending.

The rest, as they say, is history. And my love affair began.

My closest friends and I would go to the computer lab on the 4th floor of the university library to send emails to one another. "Send me an email!" we'd say, excitedly. And well, I guess that's when the obsession took over.

Since 1995, I've been online. And loving it. Emails can brighten your day. They can make you smile. They can make you laugh. Hard. They can make your heart go a flutter, and give you butterflies. Sometimes, certain emails can make you shed tears. It's through email that I found out my best friend had suffered a miscarriage, it's through email I found out she was pregnant again, and it's through email that I found out my high school boyfriend had been killed in a car accident.

Through email, we share stories and pictures, and turn public conversations private. Email is the best way to stay in touch with friends who live far away, and it's a great way to send pictures to family. I remember sending pictures of my newborn son to relatives who lived as far away as Greece. With one click, you are connected through the miles.

Email is usually the first thing we check each and every morning when we turn on our computers. Seeing an inbox filled with unread messages always makes me happy.

Email is like... the never ending birthday present. It's always full of surprises, usually leaves me satisfied, and always makes me want more.

Where were you when you got your first email? Has it changed your life, too?

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Karl said...

Love email, though I treasure those rare pieces of snail mail (that aren't bills). Been using email, it's been 17 years now. I still lived in Dallas when I first used email. Couldn't live without it. So many friends that live in my computer...

Suzanne said...

I have had the same email address for 14 YEARS!!! It's the same one I used to send my very first email.

Loved this post! Email has certainly become an incredible way to stay connected to family and friends near and far. I love getting emails from you!

Loukia said...

I love you Suz. You're the first person I think about when I think of email, and all our exchanges from when you lived in Australia. And everything else, too. xo

The Empress said...

I LOVE the intimacy of email.

twitter is quick fun.

But a deep, luscious, multi paragraphed email from an online buddy: HEAVEN with a cup of coffee.

darcie said...

We must be the same age! ;)

I love on earth did we live without it?

I also blogged about #emaillove today -


Chantal said...

I got my first e-mail account in college as well. It was all text based. Oh how things have changed.

Brittany {Mommy Words} said...

Email has changed everything for me and gotten me through some very hard times too. It has kept me connected and I could not be happier it came along!

the mama bird diaries said...

I still remember the first plans I made via email and I was so surprised when we both showed up. Like, if we didn't actually talk on the phone, it seemed like it wouldn't happen.

Jackie H. said...

LOL- that could be my story exactly! Email got "hot" when I was in college too. I guess that's when my obsession with social media began!

Karl said...

I was in Dallas when I got my first email. That was in the early days of the Internet, when web pages only had grey backgrounds and animated GIFs were still cool. I've met lots of people (penpals) via email and the Internet. Don't know where I'd be without it.

Still, getting real live Snail Mail from a friend sets me all a quiver!