Food challenges

After I graduated from university, I moved to Washington D.C. and completed an internship at CBS TV. I was independent and loving life in the most powerful city in the USA.

I'd take the subway to work and hang out at the coolest places with my best friend in the evenings. Living essentially alone, I'd have to cook for myself, too, which was new territory for me since this was the first time I was 'on my own'. I know, I lived a pretty sheltered life!

As you know, cooking is not my forte. One night in D.C., I was baking cookies and I set off the fire alarm. Moments later, the fire trucks arrived—sirens wailing and all. In walked three cute firemen, and I admitted that I was baking cookies and somehow set off the alarm. Of course, everyone laughed along with me. Or at me? Anyway.

That was my cue to exit the kitchen and eat out as much as possible until I moved back home.

Lucky for me, I got married shortly after and super lucky for me, my husband is an excellent cook.

Now that I'm a mom, I try to cook more often. The five things I do know how to cook, I cook well, and we haven't had any run-ins with with local fire department, so yay!

This year, I have started to challenge myself more in the kitchen, and I've even forked over money to buy a few cookbooks.

When I was asked (along with four other Canadian bloggers) to take part in a five minute food challenge with Clover Leaf, I had to agree to take part. The challenge? Take five ingredients and make a meal in under five minutes. Oh, boy. I guess they didn't know who they were dealing with!

After I received my basket filled with Clover Leaf products and a few other goodies they sent to help me with the challenge, I decided to make the salsa tuna roll-ups. I thought it was a pretty simple recipe to follow.

First step: open the can.

After I opened the can of tuna, I proceeded to cut myself, which seems to be the norm (cut, burn, whatever) when I am in the kitchen.

Due to a bleeding finger that I had to take care of, my challenge went over the five minute mark. But I didn't give up. I made a salsa tuna roll-up, and offered it to my son who was in the middle of doing his homework. He didn't want to eat it, so I had to. And it was tasty! It was actually really easy to make, since there was no actual 'cooking' involved.

The part of the challenge I loved best, though? Finding out that Clover Leaf is donating 555 cans of tuna to local food banks.

Clover Leaf is giving a basket of goodies to one of my readers, too.

To enter, just leave me a comment before April 11 telling me which five minute challenge you'd love to try!

Good Luck - I hope your 5 minute challenge goes better than mine did!

Disclosure: Baskets provided by Clover Leaf Seafoods.

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Anonymous said...

I always burn myself in the kitchen! And, don't let the kids be the final judges of the food - most of them are weird anyway :o)

Eleanor said...

The coconut soup sounds like it could be easy and tasty. Though I'd probably want to hype it up a bit! Some snow peas, some ginger, some garlic, some Fish sauce...

Chantal said...

Oh crap, I hate it when I cut myself while cooking (and it happens a lot!). I am a bit overconfident with a knife in hand :).

I love tuna and would probably try all of them. These days 5 minutes is about all the time I have.

Nicole said...

I would try the Montuna Cristo - it looks pretty good, if only I don't burn the damn thing in the pan. Maybe I will try it for lunch... thanks for the inspiration!

blueviolet said...

Those can edges can be mean! I like those turkey tostadas!

Mommyfriend Lori said...

I need this. Must have.

Bridget said...

COCONUT SOUP WITH MILD CURRY INGREDIENTS would be my first choice... except my husband hates peppers!

ModernMom said...

Oh I love that you are not a chef and yet you keep on trying:) This sounds like it was a great success!

Sarah Tuttle-Singer. Yes, That's My Real Name. (Hi Dad.) said...

i remember once i was cutting up veggies for a synagogue function. and i diced some flesh into the salad.

not. kosher.

edmontonjb said...

I'd like to try the tuna mashies


Shannon said...

I'd try the tuna and potato hash. They all look great!!

Anonymous said...

The montecristo tuna sounds really good!

Sherriemae23 said...

My kids would love the Montuna Cristo but my DH would love the Coconut Soup...I would love to finish a meal in 3 minutes :)

Nic said...

I'd love to try the Avocado Lemon Pepper Tuna Wrap. I think I'll have to pick up a can soon and give it a try. Thanks!